Music to Heal a Broken Heart with Bellah Mae

If you like Brit-pop with a bit of grit then let’s introduce you to Bellah Mae, a TikTok sensation, and a viral star; she’s a saviour for broken-hearted Gen-Zers with her punchy tales of toxic relationships. 

Refusing to conform to any stereotype, this 22-year-old singer-songwriter has crafted a distinctive musical identity by blending elements from various genres such as grunge, pop-punk, and country. With her growing support and diverse palette of sounds, she delivers a refreshing and unique perspective on the modern music scene.

You can tell it’s a Bellah song, because of the way that I write lyrics

During a London to LA Zoom chit-chat, Bellah walked us through her musical journey, from after-school hours idolizing Hannah Montana to living the popstar life. This girl manifested it. These pivotal experiences have shaped her artistic vision, inspiring her to create music that resonates with authenticity and nostalgia.

Bellah’s journey began under the musical influence of her familial ties to rock’n’roll, “I had a very musical upbringing and being close to my Granddad who is an amazing pianist who worked in Tennessee.”  By the age of 11, she was belting out Guns ‘N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” As a home-schooled kid she left school at 14 which gave her “a lot of life skills being able to navigate as an artist.” This was a non-conventional education but it meant she “could hyper-focus on music and encourage the drive for it.” She also expresses how her family’s love for music rubbed off on her, “being around music was incredible, we have such a love for it in my family and somehow I mixed my love for Hannah Montana into that.”  

Being a lover of country from a very early age Bellah’s music has now taken a pop route. She incorporates a broad spectrum of influences including rock, Americana, and contemporary pop.“I love the fun elements of pop like Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne… pop with a bit of grit – but before that, it was Dolly Parton,” she says.

Healing the heart via music is Bellah’s speciality, “it just requires a lot of thought time, a lot of thinking time to get those lyrics because you don’t just pluck them outta nowhere! You have to sit with your thoughts and think… ‘how am I feeling and what has led me to this?’ Then these end up becoming verse lyrics.”  It’s not a secret that the pain of heartbreak is unbearable and Bellah is showcasing the epitome of emotional healing through songwriting.  

Her latest single ‘2053‘ is just that. Emotional healing through music. She describes it as a song about your first love. The one you made plans with, learnt how to act in a relationship with. It’s a raw understanding of human connection as we long for people who may not be right but are familiar. 

Bellah says “It’s about first love… the blueprint, you still relate to that person but they may not be right. You have made goals with them and then can’t share the achievements and dreams you once promised each other – I know my friends have had similar situations like that.” Throwing our time frame into whack with us thinking ahead to 2053 this single is the reverse of nostalgia with an essence of the unknown and heartbreak. 

It’s a cry-in-the-car song.

Released last month, ‘Compatible’ is Bellah Mae’s most honest track to date, speaking on the song she explains “It captures the feeling of not being chosen or desired by your partner and the concern that they’ve become too comfortable.” “Although being comfortable can be good, you don’t want it at the sacrifice of feeling so loved and appreciated. As a songwriter and storyteller, I often take from multiple inspirations around me for writing a song, yet I still didn’t quite expect this one to resonate with so many people.”

Crafted solely on piano, ‘Compatible’ reveals Bellah at her most vulnerable, with stripped-down chords emphasizing her unfiltered vocals. Bellah’s songwriting now embraces a “sad girl era” characterized by self-reflection, authenticity, and empowerment. ‘Compatible’ serves as another teaser for her upcoming EP ‘Never Waste A Heartbreak’, scheduled for release this May, hinting at a collection of tracks poised to enrapture listeners with their emotional depth.

Getting prepared for her upcoming tour which will follow her EP release, Bellah expands on this new ‘sad girl era’ she is embracing. “We are doing the tour as soon as my EP drops, so everything is going to be so fresh – this time is so storytelling and lyric-driven and a lot sadder, as it is the sad girl era. I’m keeping it stripped back as I want it to be so intimate.” Fans will be in for a surprise as Bellah plans to showcase songwriting she has never released before, giving a one-night-only feel to her upcoming performances. She is “still writing towards the project every day and maybe swapping songs out here and there – then some songs that don’t make the EP will be played exclusively at the show!”

But looking ahead after the tour towards her embellished-looking career in music, Bellah wants to “release so much more this year, my songwriting is in motion and I would love to organize my first show in the US, that’s a big milestone for me right now.”

Bellah is a Brit-pop artist on the horizon who effortlessly creates lyrics that connect so many of us through similar emotions… which isn’t an easy task. She concludes by saying “It’s hard and it’s supposed to be hard, being in music is such a luxury and a gift so of course it’s a challenge. My advice is to keep writing and putting yourself out there.”

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Get your tickets for the Never Waste A Heartbreak Tour here.
Sunday 12th May – G2 The Garage, Glasgow
Wednesday 15th May – Club Academy, Manchester
Sunday 19th May – O2 Institute2, Birmingham
Monday 20th May – Lafayette, London

Words: Izabel Rose