Noah Bouchard Pays Homage on Heartfelt ‘Swan Song’

In the diverse realm of music, some artists go beyond just crafting tunes—they weave narratives that resonate with the human experience. Noah Bouchard, a visionary rapper, stands tall among these artists, infusing his compositions with raw emotions and authentic storytelling.

With his latest single, ‘Swan Song,’ paying homage to a cherished friend, and the new, anticipated album, ‘Love Of My Life,’ poised for release, Bouchard extends an invitation into the heart of his artistic journey. Hailing from Cardiff, where his musical journey commenced, to the bustling creativity of London that shaped his sound, Bouchard offers insights into his inspiration and evolution as a rapper in the alt-hip-hop sphere.

Could you share the inspiration behind your latest single, ‘Swan Song,’ and how it ties into the themes explored in your upcoming album, ‘Love Of My Life’?

Swan Song is a song I wrote for my closest friend. I wanted to openly display how much they mean to me and to say thank you for all they’ve done for me, particularly at times when I was in a dark place. I feel like the love they showed me when I needed it most really kept me going and helped me to grow as a person, so it’s been quite emotional reflecting on that and showing them this song. My album ‘Love Of My Life’ tells the full story of the highs and lows I’ve experienced and friendship is really central to the stories and feelings expressed on there. 

Your musical journey from London to Cardiff seems significant. How has this transition influenced your artistic evolution and the direction of your music, especially since your debut EP?

Cardiff is where I grew up and where I discovered music. I love the community there and I try to go back and check the events and keep up to date with Welsh music. It’s in a really exciting place now and it’s really a privilege to be part of that scene. I’ve been in London for 7 years now and it’s an amazing city as well, full of surprises and opportunities. It’s certainly a source of inspiration to be in the city where so many of my favourite artists and influences have created their art and where there’s so much live music to indulge in. I’m lucky to have ties in both cities and to be able to soak inspiration from the beautiful things happening in both.

Collaborating with Volcano Szn as Salad Saladson has been notable. How has this collaboration shaped your creative process, and what unique elements do you believe it has added to your musical identity?

Volcano Szn is a great friend of mine, we’ve known each other since school so working together is always a pleasure. He got an amazing ear for sounds and samples and he brings a really clear aesthetic to his music and image which I appreciate a lot. I often view the work we do together as a chance to just have fun and experiment with looser concepts and structures, particularly as a lot of my own music can be very personal and requires a pretty intense creative process. It’s great just to relax, enjoy ourselves and play around with sounds together!

Your performances at various festivals and recognition through platforms like BBC Radio showcase your growing prominence. How have these experiences shaped your approach to live performances and the overall trajectory of your career?

Yeah I’m really fortunate that I’ve had so many chances to perform over the years, the shows have been some of the best experiences of my life and I feel really comfortable on stage. Sometimes I feel like I’m more free on stage than I am in my usual life. I’m naturally quite introverted and reserved, particularly when I was a child, but my experiences as a performer have been so transformative for my confidence. I feel like the next thing I want to do is perform my music with a band. I reckon I’ll do a couple headline shows when the album is out so maybe then…

With the upcoming release of ‘Love Of My Life,’ can you give us insights into the themes and emotions encapsulated in this album? How does this project differ from your previous works, and what personal journey does it represent for you as an artist?

 Love Of My Life has been years in the making and it really tells the tale of how I came to love my life from a place of darkness. It’s pretty intensely personal so it’s quite scary now that the release isn’t too far away! But the main thing I want people to take away from it is a message of hope, and to encourage people to talk to each other and support each other when we need it. I love the album and I hope you will too.

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