Noble Oak ‘Anywhere But Here’ | PREMIERE

The older we get, the more envious we are of a harmonious life. Though that desire seems to be further than ever, our light at the of the tunnel lies within temporary escapes chasing life’s purpose. Noble Oak reflects this common disassociation in his new indie-pop gem ‘Anywhere But Here.’ 

Noble Oak finds familiarity in the ocean and its crashing waves with ethereal lyricism, “I look outside to the water/ And it crashes down all around/ It reminds me sometimes of home.” The Vancouver-based singer/songwriter disguises his anxieties in glistening lo-fi pop melodies and watercolour soundscapes. 

‘Anywhere But Here’ follows up Oak’s previous acclaimed single, ‘Tides Turn,’ as he expands on the ocean’s metaphorical inspiration layered with his signature piano compositions. Oak explains the theme of ‘Anywhere But Here’: “We are often subject to the immense pressure of living in dissonant ways, holding one dream while chasing another. It’s become popular to manage this by escaping to some distant place, be that deep within our minds or far into the wilderness. In either case, we wish to be anywhere but here, finding somewhere that both serves as a comfort and a dream of a place we may never reach again.”

Immersing in life’s uncertainty and constant apprehension of ‘what’s next,’ Noble Oak delivers an honest interpretation of inner-monologue discoveries and coping mechanisms. The accompanying visuals for ‘Anywhere But Here’ romanticize real life’s momentary detachment, hoping for a clear vision. 

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Words: Karolina Kramplova