Olivia Dean Live At Eventim Apollo

London-raised Olivia Dean closes her sold-out home-city residency in style as she glistens through the night with hit singles & soulful live music. 

Sat at 25 years old, the Brit school graduate’s past year has been a testimony to her graft and determination, which has led her to where she is now. From the release of her debut album Messyto enjoying the sunny rays of Coachella, Olivia Dean calmly proves to the audience that she belonged on the stage of Eventim Apollo. 

Sharing the favourable likeness of Raye and the silly charm of Adele, it isn’t long before you can’t say no to a night of Olivia Dean. Set by the opener of ‘Ok Love You Bye’, the curtain is lifted to the gracious singer alongside backdrop-aligned mirrors that mirror the gleaming audience taking every note in. 

With the tone set, we were treated to a series of old tracks, that allowed us to appreciate her journey. From the likes of ‘Echo’, ‘Cross My Mind’ and ‘Be My Own Boyfriend’, Olivia Dean showed her the true essence of growth and followed through with jazz-infused ballads that exercised the shared feelings of relatability across the room.

From dancing to the hit cover of ‘Millionaire’ to the surprise visit of upcoming new tracks and paying homage to her loving grandparents on the bitter-sweet ‘Carmen’, I and everyone else around me were in awe of a superstar. 

Closing off with her hit tracks ‘The Hardest Part’ & ‘Dive’, Olivia Dean ignored the traditional yet cringe encore and led in confidence her closer to the show. In an act of pride and reminiscent of the night, the arguably well-established singer could be seen standing on the side of the stage taking in every minute of what just happened, as she jumped up in joy, the crowd of fans dispersed into the night. 

Taking in every minute of the show as I romanticise the tube home, Olivia Dean is set for great things, and you should jump on the hype train before it’s too late. 

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Photographer: Shenead Poroosotum

Words: Ross Mondon