Olivia Rodrigo Live At O2 

American sweetheart Olivia Rodrigo continues to prove to be the pop star that everyone wants to be, with a cringe yet fun-worthy show. 

Being only 21-years-old, Rodrigo sits at the fame of the highest, though releasing their debut single ‘driver’s licence’ back in 2021, the fast-rising singer is no stranger to the Hollywood world. Known for the famous spot of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (quite the tongue twister) to the love affair of Joshua Bassett, Rodrigo’s music is a journey of a teenager who has experienced the highs and lows of growing up. 

Set on the tracks of her sophomore album GUTS, alongside the hits of her debut project, SOURRodrigo rises to the stage with the leading single ‘bad idea-right?’ beside the backdrop of a crowd filled with teen spirits and over-looking concerned parents. Followed by ‘vampire’ to the piano ballad ‘driver’s license’, Rodrigo had the attention of the crowd in the palm of her hands and took us in her stride with an insufferable but nevertheless addictive set list. 

In the act of her performance, running back & forth on the stage and taking in the singular moments of each fan, Rodrigo was appreciative of her fans (one that artists sometimes struggle with). And treating us to a spectacle, Rodrigo hovered above the standing crowd, glistening on a moon through the stars and brought the tone down with ‘lacy’ & ‘enough for you’. If that wasn’t enough (pun not intended), Rodrigo went into the rock days of her childhood with the influential songs ‘jealousy, jealousy’, ‘the grudge’ and tense ‘obsessed’. 

As the night draws to a close, Rodrigo hits the mark with the final tracks of ‘good 4 u’ & ‘get him back!’. Whilst the onlookers- including myself – run out to avoid the chaos that comes down onto the O2 Arena, her devoted fans (even the ones who need to catch their last train home) scream in anarchy but excitement for the show to not end. 

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Photographer: Sophie Vaughan

Words: Ross Mondon