On The Rise: Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L

Following the release of his full length debut ‘B4’, New York artist Breon S.Y.N.D.E.L has returned and now releases ‘Aquarius’, infused with his heady strain of R&B. A steady riser on the scene, Breon has made himself known with his sultry, melodic cuts and rhythmic deliveries- creating bold, atmospheric tracks that hit deep and capture his experiences with honesty and sincerity. We caught up with him to speak about his new release and future plans.

How did growing up in NYC shape your sound?

If anything I feel like growing up in NYC took shape away from my sound. By that I mean there’s so much culture and music around the city that it taught me how to be able to listen to different styles of music. I’d say my sound is more like water, shapeless and ever changing. 

We notice that your music is tinged with different genres, where did you pick up such an eclectic palette of music?

Just being from NYC and my family. Each family member had a different favorite genre of music and I bounced around a lot as a kid since I’m the youngest. If I liked a type of song I’d try to learn how it was made or Atleast try to do what the vocalist was doing. Trying to get better at making the sounds I hear outside or in my brain come out on the microphone. 

Aquarius generates from a real life experience. Is real life experiences your main source of inspiration for your music?

Yes, if it’s not real I probably won’t write about it. I only write about things I connect to, In a way my songs write themselves. I’m just lucky enough to be the person that ideas and sounds travel through. 

For a rapper you’ve got a lot of melodic undertones in your bars. What comes to you first? The melody or the lyrical side of your craft?

Melodies because finding or uncovering melodies help ease my brain. Like a game of Tetris. When I think of enough melodies that fit they sort of clear out in my brain to make room for new ones. Though I started with poetry when I was young, sometimes I’ll think of a lyric or two I really need to get out there on a record and in an instance like that I’ll find a melody to accompany it. 

Any plans for the future? 

Many. A few more drops this year and starting to work on the needed project set to hit streaming in the spring. Life is moving a bit fast. The future is now. 

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