Phoebe Willo’s Spellbinding New Single ‘4am’ Shines After Crowdfunding Victory

Fresh from the success of her previous single ‘Lost in the Music‘ and a triumphant crowdfunding campaign that soared past the $30,000 mark, 21-year-old singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Phoebe Willo is back with her latest musical gem, ‘4am.’

This enchanting track kicks off with delicate piano chords and ethereal backing vocals, gradually building as Phoebe’s emotive voice takes center stage. It gracefully evolves with the addition of strings and percussion, weaving a narrative of reflection on missed opportunities and potential losses. Phoebe’s performance is nothing short of mesmerizing, leaving you with melodies that linger long after the song ends. The instrumental mid-section adds an element of intrigue before transitioning seamlessly into the climactic finale.

‘4am’ was born in the early hours of the morning, a product of reflection and regret. Phoebe shares, “I wrote the song when I was up at 4am one morning; it is a song about regret, a missed opportunity, a relationship that could perhaps have developed had I tried a bit harder.”

Phoebe’s musical influences, drawn from artists like Lorde and Billie Marten, give her a unique sound that falls within the ‘Indie Pop’ genre while incorporating diverse elements. Her songs often delve into personal emotions, covering topics from beauty and body image (“Captured By My Own Monsters”) to the joys of close friendships (“My friend Sarah Tonin”).

Phoebe’s previous single, ‘Lost In The Music,’ was released through SongBits a platform allowing fans to invest in specific segments of a song, offering exclusive opportunities and future music streaming revenues. Phoebe has also been supported by Music Gateway who have been backing her and supporting her rise for some time. Reflecting on her remarkable achievement, Phoebe expresses, “This has never been done by an unknown independent artist before, and I’m thrilled I was given the opportunity.

Andy Parker, Director of Artist Services at Music Gateway, adds, “We were blown away by Phoebe from the get-go. An authentic independent artist with songs that needed to be heard. When the SongBits opportunity came up, we knew this was a chance for Phoebe’s talent to shine and a brilliant way to raise funds for future promotion.”

With ‘4am,’ Phoebe Willo continues to captivate audiences with her ethereal soundscapes and emotionally charged lyrics. Her journey from crowdfunding triumph to musical success underscores the potency of talent, innovation, and unwavering fan support. As she embarks on this new musical chapter, ‘4am’ promises to be another entrancing addition to her ever-growing repertoire.

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