Plain Mister Smith ‘El Presidente’ | Premiere

Life is a conjunction of moments, instances where our experience on this planet is changed forever, for better and for worse. As Budha famously states – “one moment can change a day. One day can change a life. One life can change the world.”

The occasion when a record label representative took a chance on Mark Jowett, known as Plain Mister Smith, was more than memorable. It was significantly inspiring as it is the focus of Plain Mister Smith’s new single, ‘El Presidente.’ The premiering track builds on positive soundscapes, with uplifting, enriching instrumentals of an eclectic mix, with color waves of intricate Latin acoustic guitar chords. 

Plain Mister Smith is anything but plain or bland. Based in between Vancouver and London, Mark Jowett is a former guitarist for Canadian electronic band Moev, and is also currently playing the cello in the Vancouver Philharmonic Orchestra. However, one day, he woke up with the new demeanor of a man in a pinstriped suit with a globular head.

Establishing his niche in the indie-folk genre, ‘El Presidente,’ is Plain Mister Smith’s attestation of a monumental moment of his career featuring Yorkshire-born, Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Findlay Brown. He elaborates: “There was once a record label president that took a shot in the dark with two punks starting a small indie label in Canada, and gave them a deal. One of those punks was me, Plain Mister Smith, and El Presidente is about that crazy legend of a record company president.” 

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Words: Karolina Kramplova