Raw Ideology | My Story

Discover more about the story behind the talented Producer and DJ, Raw Ideology as he joins us in conversation to talk about his background, influences, and musical journey so far. A Producer and DJ whose unique, hard-hitting Techno sound has captivated fans around the globe, Raw Ideology appears as a rising star within Electronic Music today and no doubt one to keep on your radar.  

So, dive into the exciting and creative world of Raw Ideology as we present this exclusive interview with him.

Can you remember your earliest memory involving music?

Hard to say, I’ve always been so into music ever since I was a baby, my mom has pictures of me dancing and hugging the sound system when I was only two haha. But my passion for Electronic Music began with the beginning of YouTube where I was searching things for hours until I found a video of Carl Cox playing in Ibiza and that moment completely changed my life.

What was the first album you bought? 

Black Sabbath ‘Master of Reality’; still have it in my CD collection. I miss those times, to be honest, music was more appreciated, and I had a great time going to the shops and spending hours there listening to things – I know we still have record shops but it doesn’t feel the same nowadays.

Name 3 major musical influences for you growing up.

Lamb of God, Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit.

How have your influences changed as you’ve evolved as an Artist?

In the Electronic world, my influences have 100% evolved; in the beginning, I was very into Tech House, but I kept exploring until I found the sounds that I like more now, but other genres like Metal and Reggae, my favourites kind of remain the same.

When did you first start making music? 

When I turned 18, I moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil, and that was where everything started.

What was the name of the first track you ever produced?

Damn, I have to dig into my memory to remember it now! It was called ‘Grey Sunday’ – I’m going to even try to find it on my old HD after this haha.

Which DAW did you use at the beginning of your production journey? Has this changed since?

Yeah, I started in Reason then Logic then Ableton and that’s what I still use today.

Which of your career achievements to date are you most proud of?

Being able to play my own music in several countries is pretty unreal to me; being a kid from the Amazon, I never really expected that and whenever I perform or get good feedback on my tunes, I get really excited!

What did you want to do before starting your music production career?

Well, there wasn’t much time before that cause music was always present but at first, I wanted to do comic books and animation but that didn’t feel like a real job in the place I grew up in, then for a brief moment I wanted to be a MMA fighter but music was there at all times so the path was clear.

Finally, if you could talk to your younger self now, what would you say?

Be calm and trust your gut, trust your own personality and never listen to labels opinions, and I guess I can say that to younger ones only just getting into this game now.

With such a clear passion and love for Electronic Music, Raw Ideology continues to carve a unique path within the genre, consistently exploring, experimenting, and developing as he keeps evolving as an Artist. So, be sure to keep watching as he promises to bring even more unmissable productions and live shows to audiences around the globe.

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