Rosie Darling Opens Up On Touching Debut Album ‘Lanterns’

Rosie Darling is an artist refusing to be boxed in. The LA-based musician has captured the hearts of many with her ultra-delicate songwriting over the years, her intricate way with words painting stunning pictures in the minds of her listeners. There’s a reason why she’s one of the best new budding artists on the scene right now, with songs that heal the soul and set you aside to soak in a pool of self-reflection.

Like all of us, Rosie is moved by the music of others and carefully pays attention to each lyric entering her ears, gaining inspiration along the way and hoping that her music will do the same thing; move others.

In her debut album Lanterns, Rosie has done just that. Eleven stories presented in soothing aural form, the project digs deep to spotlight Rosie in her most vulnerable state. Describing the project as “my personal journey through some very raw and painful emotions,” she touches on sensitive subjects of love, loss and complicated grief.

Ahead of its release and fresh off the stage from touring with Katelyn Tarver in the States, Rosie exclusively speaks with Noctis Magazine about her journey crafting Lanterns and the growth she’s experienced upon unleashing this new music into the world.

Hello Rosie! Talk to us about life recently, any exciting projects in the works?

Hi! I just got back from opening up on tour for Katelyn Tarver so I’m settling back in after being on the road for a couple weeks. Such a fun experience to see my music resonating with fans and getting to meet people. I’ve spent most of 2023 wrapping up my first album, “Lanterns”, and I am beyond excited to release this project. I feel like it represents a point of growth for me personally and as an artist!

Whilst most people spend the summer relaxing, you’ve been hard at work releasing the tracks ‘Nail In The Coffin’, ‘Justify’ and ‘Boxes’.

Yes! All of these tracks were part of a roll out to announce my first ever album, “Lanterns.” These songs are all so emotional and deeply personal so it feels freeing releasing them out into the world! I hope my listeners will continue to listen and stay tuned for the rest of the album especially if they’ve liked the most recent releases.

Did you go into making these songs knowing they’d be for a particular project i.e. an album, or are they something you’d held onto for quite some time now?

I was mostly writing for myself and it sort of happened naturally that the songs fit better together as an entire album than a smaller project divided up into different EP’s. I love that it happened like this because there wasn’t a ton of planning that went into it. It was very natural and just felt right.

Making any project is a huge deal, but a debut album is quite monumental – how has the writing and recording process been for you?

It has been very freeing! Sort of feels like a big deep breath. I get to express myself in a safe way and let those feelings or emotions live in the song rather than my daily life. I feel very grateful to have music as a personal vessel for processing emotions and it’s even more special that people relate to my lyrics. 

You’re LA-based, but were any songs on the upcoming album made in other locations?

Some were made on zoom! ‘Nail In The Coffin’ was written via Zoom with Boy In Space while he was in Sweden. Such a cool experience being able to capture such an emotionally driven song while being thousands of miles away. I’ve been a huge fan of his for a while so I am so excited he’s featured on my album.

Your new video for ‘Boxes’ is visually stunning – where was this filmed and how did you come up with the concept?

Thank you! I love this song. I knew I wanted it to be filmed outside and so my director and I drove up to Malibu and scouted some beautiful fields that made the video look so vast in the wider shots. The song is super emotional and lyric-heavy, so I wanted to keep the visuals simple but also capture the scenery. I find nature to be really healing for me and I think this song speaks for itself in its lyrics, so I didn’t feel we needed a large-scale music video to relay the meaning behind the song. The concept was mostly to feel free and not “boxed in” anymore by your emotions.

When speaking about ‘Boxes’ you mentioned how the last few years have been challenging for you – are you able to expand on that?

I think just growing as a person and learning about relationships and how to set boundaries for myself has been a learning experience. This song has helped me in so many ways to feel okay again and I am so lucky to surround myself with other writers and friends who can support me.

‘Boxes’ was made alongside the amazing Justin Gammella and Yianni AP – will there be any other exciting collaborators on the album?

Justin has been incredible and has produced the entire album! The only featured artist is Boy In Space, but I have worked with a number of writers, including Wynter Bethel, Nick Lopez, and Kristen Carpenter, just to name a few 🙂 

You’ve been labelled as a budding indie-pop singer-songwriter – have there been any particular artists that have helped you pave this sound for yourself?

Probably Taylor Swift the most! I have always been a fan of hers since I was little and she definitely inspired me to learn how to play piano and guitar. I also love Gracie Abrams right now, I think she’s incredible and so inspiring. 

As such a brutally honest lyricist, do you find it difficult to sometimes convey such emotions through your music?

I think it’s a big release for me. It’s scary but always worth it. My fans are listening to hear their own stories within my songs and so I am happy that I can create a space for people to feel seen and heard without them having to know every detail of my personal story or connection to the song.

What part of your new music are you most excited for your fans to hear? Certain lyrics? Production? All of it?!

ALL OF IT! And the visuals! I really love the visual world we have created for “Lanterns” . It’s all very ethereal and haunting in the best way. I can’t wait.

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Words: Jordan White