Ryan Doyle Lights it Up with Nu-Disco Reimagining of Nate James’ ‘The Message’

London-based artist, producer, and songwriter Ryan Doyle is set to dazzle listeners once again with his latest release, ‘The Message’. This new single, a vibrant nu-disco reimagination of Nate James’ iconic track, showcases Doyle’s signature production style. Balancing swirling pads, glittery textures, and the infectious bounce of four-to-the-floor drums, Doyle creates a sonic landscape that is distinctly his own.

Reflecting on the project, Doyle expresses his excitement, stating, “To be involved in this project has been such an honor! I hope I’ve done justice to the original while offering something fresh and exciting for listeners.”

Since his debut in 2022, Ryan Doyle has captivated audiences with his vibrant blend of dance-pop and house music. Garnering comparisons to SG Lewis, his effervescent disco sound has garnered acclaim from huge tastemakers. With a sophomore EP on the horizon, 2024 promises to be another groundbreaking year for this rising star in the electronic music scene.

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