Ryan Doyle Releases Summer Ready Track ‘Feelings’

Get ready to be captivated by the infectious sounds of London-based artist, producer, and songwriter Ryan Doyle as he takes the music scene by storm. With his latest single, ‘Feelings,’ already making waves, Doyle is set to embark on an exciting journey, infusing electronic and ethereal elements to create a feel-good tune that will undoubtedly get you in the mood for summer.

‘Feelings’ showcases Doyle’s unique ability to blend grooving drum beats, heartwarming synths, and dreamy vocal lines into a sonic experience that transports listeners to a world of euphoria. In this interview, we dive into the inspiration behind ‘Feelings’ and explore its place within Doyle’s broader musical project.

Hey Ryan! Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind your latest single ‘Feelings’ and how it fits into the overall direction of your music project?

I was initially super inspired but the vocal and just knew I had to make a song round it. I was searching for the direction I wanted to take my songs down and once I heard the hook I knew exactly how it should sound. As part of the overall direction of the project, I think Feelings really sets the tone as to what is coming, lots of feel-good, energetic, yet chilled out dance-pop.

You mentioned that ‘Feelings’ was the first song you made for this phase of your project. How would you describe this new phase, and what can listeners expect from the rest of the year in terms of your sonic direction?

I think this new phase sonically epitomises me personally, happy and fun, yet really relaxed at the same time too. With the rest of the releases this year, listeners can expect more catchy hooks over uplifting production perfect for summer; I think I have some really great songs coming that I can’t wait to show everyone!

You started your musical journey by posting bedroom remixes online, which gained you a loyal following. How has your sound evolved since then, and how do you incorporate your unique blend of dance-pop and house elements into your music?

When I made the remixes I think I was trying to copy the artists that I love and draw inspiration from, rather than develop my own sound. Since then I think I’ve found the sound that is me by drawing on my inspirations rather than copying and I think that’s starting to show, I’d love for people to instantly recognise a ‘Ryan Doyle Song’! I’m not really sure how I incorporate dance-pop and house together, or what the balance should be, I just make whatever feels most comfortable and natural! I’ve always loved a good pop vocal and hook, and I think that something being catchy is so important and is probably where the pop side of things come from, but then also love a good house record; I guess it’s all just a blend of what I listen to!

Your previous singles ‘Slow Motion,’ ‘Cry For Love,’ and ‘Closer’ have received positive attention and support. How do you feel these releases have shaped your artistic growth, and how does 2023 mark a significant year for you as an artist-producer?

I always refer to those songs as ‘my babies’, I learnt so much from them and the support I received has given me so much confidence to push on, grow and develop. 2023 is the year of continuous release, pushing myself and the sound and (hopefully) reaching more people who like and enjoy my music!

As a London-based artist, how has the city’s vibrant music scene influenced your creative process and career? Are there any local artists or venues that have particularly inspired you?

I haven’t been living in London too long, but getting out and going to gigs, seeing other artists and networking definitely gets me thinking. A great event that I’ve started going to is Jodie Bryant’s Discover Monthly at the Star Of Kings in Kings Cross, Jodie and the event are great for championing new, independent music and building networks. The last person I saw was Kat Penkin who was great!

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