SAL Tackles Self-Acceptance on the Melancholic ‘Kerosene’

After a whirlwind summer with her track ‘Issues,’ singer-songwriter SAL returns with the emotionally charged ‘Kerosene.’ This track, bathed in melancholy, takes listeners on a transformative journey toward self-acceptance. From the outset, the echoing drums and shimmering instrumentation create an introspective atmosphere that encourages deep reflection. SAL’s raw and emotive vocal performance adds depth to the lyrics, reflecting her passion and wisdom..

SAL’s inspiration for ‘Kerosene’ is deeply personal and relatable. She shares, “I wrote ‘Kerosene’ during a time of confusion. At 28, I felt like I was doing something wrong by not following the conventional path.” Her honesty and vulnerability are a testament to her authenticity as an artist.

Cork City-based SAL has been making a powerful wave with her indie-pop sound; her previous releases, including ‘Bullet In The Heart,’ ‘Merry Go Round,’ and ‘Issues,’ have received acclaim, solidifying her as a rising star. SAL’s live performances have captivated audiences across Ireland, the UK, and Germany as well, sharing stages with acclaimed artists. 

In ‘Kerosene,’ SAL delivers a compelling and emotionally charged track, accompanied by a comforting message for those navigating life on their terms; a beautiful testament to the healing and inspiring power of music.

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