Seymour Unveils Cathartic Single: ‘Voicenote Monologue’

London-based indie-pop singer/songwriter Seymour unveils her latest single, ‘Voicenote Monologue’, a poignant exploration of emotional betrayal. Delicately opening with swirling electric guitars and grounded bass lines, the track evolves into a powerful narrative of empowerment. Seymour’s vocals soar amidst elegant melodies, leading to a crescendo of furious percussion and climactic riffs, reflecting the turmoil of betrayal and the journey to self-liberation.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the song, Seymour shares her personal experience of betrayal by a trusted friend, expressing the complexities of hurt and liberation through introspective lyrics. Recorded live at Strongroom studios with contributions from friends, Seymour credits the collaborative effort for the song’s cathartic intensity.

Drawing from her own struggles with mental health and troubled relationships, Seymour’s fusion of jazz, rock, and indie genres, combined with abstract lyrics and atmospheric melodies, creates a distinct sonic landscape. Through her artistry, Seymour empowers young women to embrace their truths without fear of judgment.

Following the success of her previous single, ‘Blood on My Hands’, Seymour sets her sights on a promising future as a musician, poised to make her mark in 2024 and beyond.

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