Siena Liggins Lives ‘Rent Free’ In Your Head

Siena Liggins is making waves in 2023 with her impressive releases. Following the success of ‘3 BAD‘ and ‘SNEAKY LINKS,’ she now presents her latest single, ‘RENT FREE.’

‘RENT FREE’ is a glimpse into her upcoming album, ‘FLOOZY,’ which showcases her unique pop sound across 11 tracks. Siena’s music resonates with audiences globally, and her artistry goes beyond music, challenging norms and advocating for equity and sustainability. 

With a seamless blend of alternative pop and indie vibes, complemented by her mesmerizing vocals, the track showcases her prowess as an artist. This evocative break-up anthem takes us back to the energetic and nostalgic songs that defined the early 2000s. With infectious melodies and catchy guitar strums, it’s the perfect summer jam that allows us to momentarily forget the pain of heartbreak. The lyrics, filled with playful and ironic vibes, encourage us to let go of the past and move on, reminiscent of the styles popularized by *NSYNC, No Doubt, and TLC that still resonate today.

Siena Liggins is a true trailblazer who combines sonic innovation with a passion for transformative style. Embracing fluidity and defying boundaries, she challenges traditional expectations, not only in aesthetics but also in her commitment to equity and sustainability. Siena actively supports initiatives that prioritize social impact and mindful practices, showcasing emerging designers and creatives who contribute to her artistic universe.

Undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with, Siena’s artistry, passion, and commitment to her craft make her a true inspiration for aspiring musicians and fans alike.

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