SK & The Kings Glide Effortlessly on ‘Clouds’

Emerging singer-songwriter, SK & The Kings, returns with her latest single ‘Clouds’, a gorgeous piece of authentic soul music. Building upon a growing back catalogue that showcases the artists truly touching lyrical style, ‘Clouds’ explores the support that close friends, or a partner can provide in those dark moments. Such a heart-warming theme is supported by the tracks mellow groove that intertwines elements of subtle jazz and soul references. Above all, it’s the artists authentic vocal delivery that gives the track such an emotive touch and helps bring the listener into her world. 

On the inspiration behind ‘Clouds’, SK & The Kings states: “We all flourish in the light. This is about that person who drives the darkness and doubt away, who supports and allows you to see the good things, the path forward, who is the positive force that makes life better, easier, clearer and it acknowledges them for helping you see through the storm.”

SK & The Kings debuted in 2019 with ‘Nostalgia’ – a track that instantly turned heads. Now three years into her musical journey, the artist has crafted a unique sound and a set of storylines to match. Citing the sounds of Aretha Franklin and Donny Hathaway as early influences, SK was raised on her family’s vinyl collection, and the subtle sprinklings of jazz often heard in her music comes from these roots. With so much of her artistic identity embedded in her family and upbringing, it’s no wonder SK’s music celebrates those around her and the help they offer in the face of the many challenges life throws our way.

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Words: Jake Wright
Artwork: Cassy Paris