Sofia Zadar Releases Warmly-Penned Single ‘Nostos’

Sofia Zadar is the moniker of Romanian queer musician Maria Sgarcitu. Their unique and signature sound has already certainly created waves within the music industry.

Speaking about this, Sofia offers an interesting insight: “What drives me to make music is the need for emancipatory imaginaries and togetherness. Beyond the anthropocene, our multispecies sensibilities connect sky to ground, past to future, human to nonhuman. I want to hold space for these intermeshing sensibilities in a way that centres the deep seated needs of my communities as well as our work to world new worlds.”

Their latest offering comes in the form of warmly-penned single ‘Nostos.’ With pounding drums, grooving basslines and heartwarming snyths, ‘Nostos’ is sure to pick you up and immerse you. Zadar’s vocals are as impactful as ever and work strongly with well-penned lyrics. 

Elaborating on single’s inspiration, Sofia shares: “Nostos is my love letter to care and presence through hardship. I believe our capacity to thrive and be resilient is tightly knit to the nurture we receive from ourselves and our communities. Nostos is homecoming, a return to solace, but also opens up the question of how to stay with the trouble and show up when distress overwhelms.”

Sofia’s new E.P is going to be released in May, and if it’s anything like this single, then we’re in for a treat.

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Photography: Daria Georgescu