SOFY Lives In Colour And So Should You

Since SOFY’s debut single, ‘Strawberry Milkshake,’ her witty, observational lyricism found its way to our playlists and became one of the most promising newcomers of the last few years. As her Instagram bio states, it’s SOFY’s world, and we’re just living in it.

Starting in 2021, SOFY entered the music scene with a surplus of aspiring artists with unique songwriting humor and relatable accounts of coming-of-age realisations and experiences. Built on her signature alternative pop soundscapes, SOFY kick-started an astonishing timeline of career-defining moments.

Following the release of her debut EP ‘Bored In Colour (Pt. 1),‘ SOFY began a year of milestones she will never forget. Only a year into her career, SOFY landed a spot performing at Glastonbury, which escalated into a packed-out tent show. Her single ‘Big Talk’ was picked for FIFA 2023 soundtrack alongside many incredible others, including Loyle Carner, FKA Twigs, Slowthai, and ROSALIA.

As she recalls in our chat, SOFY lived through a memorable summer of debut festival appearances. On top of it, she headlined two sold-out shows at London’s Social and Omeara. About to say farewell to her ‘Bored In Colour’ era, SOFY announces a concert at Lafayette on March 29th.

Sipping a cup of coffee in her Mile End home in London, SOFY is already listening to new demos she wrote over the weekend. Noctis dissects her ‘Bored In Colour’ projects as she lays out her magical findings of mundane situations while she breaks down how she fell in love with songwriting.

First of all, congratulations on all of your success, it has been beautiful watching your journey so far. How are you feeling about the past year, your debut festival season, headline show etc?

Ah thank you! Last year was mad, playing shows is like the best thing in the world to me and my band so being able to do so many last year was super special. I think your first summer on the festival circuit is something you remember forever. 

Could you reminisce to your early days, were you musical as a child?

I wouldn’t say I was musical, I didn’t play any instruments, but I remember hearing melodies in my head from a really early age and they’d get stuck for days. I also used to rope my friends and siblings into writing stupid songs with me, we’d make up alternative lyrics about our dog or something to Busted songs. They would always get bored after an hour or so, but I used to get completely lost in it and would want to carry on all day, and I could never understand why the others didn’t feel the same. That’s why I love doing writing sessions so much now, it just feels like those games again, but the difference is that nobody in the room wants to stop playing anymore.

Do you remember the moment when you decided you want to pursue this career professionally?

It was when I first started writing songs in lockdown, I totally fell in love with it and realized I couldn’t imagine myself being happy doing anything else

What are your songwriting rituals? Or are you more of a ‘on-the-spot/in-the-moment’ writer?

I always try and go in with a concept or a reference song in mind, but other than that it’s pretty much anything goes. I like to have snacks in the studio, at the moment I’m really into these streaky bacon corn crisp things from Tesco, I’m gonna have to credit them on my next project. 

This year, you had many pinch-me moments such as your single ‘Big Talk’ picked for FIFA Soundtrack 2023 and performing at packed Glastonbury tent. How was it performing at Glastonbury so early on in your career?

It was wicked, I definitely wasn’t expecting to be able to do that so soon. Me and the boys were pretty overwhelmed the whole time, it kind of felt like it was someone else on stage not us. It’s definitely made me even more motivated to go back there and play again on one of the big boy stages though, hopefully you’ll see us on the John Peel soon!!

How did you feel performing at headline show at Omeara?

That was another crazy moment, playing a ‘home game’ and doing a show in London is always loads of fun. The mad thing with Omeara though was how many faces in the crowd I didn’t recognise compared to my previous shows in London where a lot of the audience were my mates – it feels weird to have actual fans now that are just coming because they like the music not just because it’s a social obligation haha. But weird in a good way. The project feels a lot bigger now.

How is your new EP ‘Bored In Colour Pt. 2’ different from Pt. 1? Are your trying to portray different emotions in each project?

The overall concept and emotions remains consistent with Part 1 I think, all the songs are just a collection of my thoughts and feelings so far, a big melting pot of life as a 20 something in London. Part 2 definitely feels like an evolution of my sound though, it mixes a few more upbeat indie and brit-pop influences with the alt-pop and hip-hop vibes of the first EP. 

Could you share how you came up with the title ‘Bored In Colour;?

Bored In Colour basically means finding the magic in mundane situations, taking every day moments and making them vibrant. 

What would be your dream collaboration dn dream stage to perform at?

Dream collaboration would be to do a song with Easy Life or Remi Wolf, and my dream stage is Ally Pally in London

What can we expect from you in 2023?

I’m playing a big show at Lafayette in March, which is our biggest show so far and sort of a farewell to the Bored In Colour era. And then, lots and lots of new music – some of which you might not be expecting. 

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Photographer: vzavz

Words: Karolina Kramplova