SOUKOU ‘bloodline’ | Premiere

Premiering EP, ‘bloodline,‘ by the incredible Berlin-based newcomer SOUKOU, offers a personal insight into family-focused questions, which are usually concealed with polite nods and unhealthy communication. 

Family carries a bond that is stronger and much more honest than any other connection in our lives. With time, memories may fade, and people can drift apart, but the long-brewing trauma lingers until you’re ready to ask for help and heal. 

‘bloodline’ acts as a testament to SOUKOU’s organic development and emotional liberation after she’s suffered life-hindering panic attacks. In search of herself, SOUKOU had to process and heal from generational traumas, including war history, abuse, racism, fear, and love. 

This project can be seen as a helpful guiding tool and a majestic ode to SOUKOU’s growth and artistry. Combining elements of electro-op, R&B, neo-soul, and her emotive vocals, she uses music as a medium to fight for future generations and a breakdown of toxic generational habits. 

bloodline is about the different aspects of family. It’s about the stories we share and love that sometimes fade. Family is more than just a bloodline and everything that comes with it; it’s about choosing who you want to be and breaking free of generational habits,” SOUKOU shares, classifying ‘bloodllne’ as her most personal body of work yet. 

Noctis premiers SOUKOU’s new EP ‘bloodline,’ out now. 

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Words: Karolina Kramplova