Stela Cole’s Musical Transition through Trilogy ‘Blood Orange Wine’

American singer-songwriter Stela Cole has recently unveiled the final instalment of her trilogy, titled “Blood Orange Wine,” which serves as a testament to her distinctive upbeat indie pop style. Reflecting on this track, Stela opens up about its exploration of the aftermath of a tumultuous romantic relationship, delving into the emotional turmoil that ensued.

During her journey of coping with the heartache, Stela found solace in the music of Fleetwood Mac and Electric Light Orchestra, two influential acts that left an indelible mark on the sound of her latest release. She expresses heartfelt gratitude for the passage of time, acknowledging its role in her healing process.

Stela Cole’s career has been marked by remarkable success, boasting over 100 million streams and earning acclaim for her exceptional vocal prowess and innovative approach to pop music. However, despite her achievements, she found herself grappling with a sense of disconnection in 2022, prompting a period of deep introspection and personal renewal.

Taking proactive steps to prioritise her mental well-being, Stela made the decision to step away from her label deal and fully immerse herself in her musical endeavours. This period of self-discovery culminated in a profound artistic rebirth, evident in her latest body of work.

Teaming up once again with the acclaimed director Eliot Lee, Stela was able to weave together a cohesive storyline across a series of music videos and vignettes. Through this visual narrative, she artfully captures the cyclical nature of life and the journey of personal growth.

The trilogy commenced with “Die Hard,” a haunting track that showcased Stela’s vocal prowess against a backdrop of introspective storytelling. This was followed by “Midnight Killer,” an autobiographical anthem of empowerment and self-discovery. Finally, “Blood Orange Wine” serves as the poignant conclusion to the series, encapsulating the tumultuous emotional journey of love and loss, punctuated by Stela’s introspective reflections.

In “Blood Orange Wine,” Stela delves deep into the complexities of emotional resilience and the bittersweet process of moving on from past wounds. Her lyrics resonate with authenticity and vulnerability, offering listeners a glimpse into her personal struggles and triumphs. The track’s infectious melodies and dynamic instrumentation further underscore Stela’s growth as an artist, showcasing her ability to navigate the intricate nuances of human emotion through her music.

As she reflects on the evolution of her artistic journey, Stela remains grateful for the unwavering support of her fans and collaborators, whose encouragement has fueled her creative aspirations. With “Blood Orange Wine,” Stela Cole invites listeners to join her on a transformative musical odyssey, where heartache and healing intertwine to form a tapestry of resilience and redemption.

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Words by Izabel Rose