The Aura Of Dreamer Boy

Step into the world of Dreamer Boy, a Nashville-based musician Zach Taylor whose number one priority is to help people out and embrace their own realities. With his blend of folk, pop, and disco-inspired fusion, Dreamer Boy is here for YOU.

The 23-year-old artist returns with a new love-charged album, ‘All The Ways We Are Together,’ where unity and joy are the fuel to keep you going. This little encapsulated happy place comes out today on Earth Day. Besides spreading happiness, Dreamer Boy intends to grow new communities in a big call-to-action mission. 

Noctis got to talking with Zach Taylor a few weeks before the album release. “You’re catching me in the evening, so I guess it’s been a pretty good day so far. I went on a small road trip to visit my parents, so I am just getting back from that. I love driving and listening to music; it feels like a really free and creative time for me. I am looking forward to a lot but definitely staying present in the moment, super happy for the time with family, he says meanwhile we wish we could get our hands on his road trip playlist. 

After the last rollercoaster of a year that never seemed to stop going downhill, the world is in desperate need of the Dreamer Boy life elixir. Getting to chat with him, we quickly realise it is more than just a stage name; it is a movement we will gladly jump on. Zach explains his vision behind Dreamer Boy: “The moniker is sort of how I see my purest self. I think that it also is trying to put a mirror to the music so that anyone can dream or be a dreamer. I’m just trying to help people out and find connections any way I can.. It’s a weird, strange, dark yet beautiful world we live in, and Dreamer Boy hopefully puts people into another world or enhances their own”.

His outlook on the last year of hell is refreshing and echoes immense gratitude. He shares what kept him going and how he maintained optimism: “Close friendships, running, and continuing to work on creative projects. I feel grateful to be here, and I hope that I’ve done everything I can to learn from the past year’s events and challenges. I think it’s becoming more clear every day how this has shaped me. I love listening to people talk about what they are passionate about, and I am trying to be a better listener to those around me and out in the world, and I can’t wait til the post-pandemic world allows for even more important voices to be heard”.

One of the main things we’ve been living too long without now is concerts. Dreamer Boy got to tour with his friends like Clairo, Omar Apollo, and Still Woozy. Reminiscing over the good old times, Zach gives us a taste of what life on the road looks like: “I’ll just hit you with a movie trailer version. Whataburger at 3 am in Dallas with Omar after some tequila … hot tubbing at Bobby’s grandma’s house on tour with Still Woozy, and then we made a funky beat… being on a ferry ride to Ireland with Clairo at 7 am in the morning, and we had the weirdest tater tots that looked like smiley faces, definitely so tired that we were delirious, but we were laughing our asses off… so many memories, I can’t wait to tour again”. 

For someone who is so clearly at the right place in his life, Zach shares when he knew he wanted to be an artist: “Probably as early as watching Justin Timberlake music videos when I was a kid, or like wanting to be in The Naked Brothers Band. If that’s not love, than what is? Also, my first Kanye show was inspiring… 2013 Yeezus tour”.

“Being more honest with myself, embracing myself for who I am,” Zach reveals as his trick to being able to get vulnerable on his songs. Self-love is a topic very close to his heart. If you’re struggling with it, listen up, Zach has some words for you:” ‘You are a human being, don’t beat yourself up because of it’ is something I wrote in my journal recently. Take the pressure off. Take life less seriously. Talk nice to yourself – observe your thoughts and be present. Obviously, there are many factors that contribute to mental illness, so don’t be afraid to reach out to someone or me @dreamerboyblue or @allthewayswearetogether“.

Besides the intriguing moniker, as soon as I heard ‘Puppy Dog,’ I was hooked. The door was open and I refused to close it. ‘Puppy Dog’ is supremely at the forefront of spring playlists. It’s at mine, that is for sure. Zach shares the story behind the track: “It’s a classic situation. I was in love with my best friend.. And didn’t know if they knew or had feelings back, they were also with someone else at the time, so I just felt like this loyal puppy dog that was always there. Luckily it worked out, and now we have been dating for a few years haha!! Wow… the power of song”. 

Another heart warmer this time featuring Melanie Faye, Zach talks about ‘Let’s Hold Hands’: “The same situation as ‘Puppy dog,’ except this song is an attempt to narrate that moment where I am going to let my true feelings spill… this is the spill the beans song.”

What could we expect from the love-charged ‘All The Ways We Are Together’ album? Zach sums it up: “It’s a story of friendship and of love. I hope people will find lines here and there that connect to all different sides of life. There is a soft narrative of romantic feelings, but to its core this is an album about connecting with others and the beauty of being known and loved. I hope it sparks friendships and little love birds all over the world”. 

The initial visual inspiration for ATWWAT was the planet we live on. The convenient release date came later, as Zach explains: “The Earth was always something that I used as strong imagery for the inspiration behind the album and while creating it. Once things rolled around to release time, and it was looking like April, Earth Day just seemed like the perfect marriage of the world of the album and the actual world. I started all the ways in an attempt to grow community and encourage people to get more tapped into their communities around them, so we will be doing some cool stuff around the album to further that mission”. 

He continues: “I’m not the first to give the ol’ planet a shout out, just trying to use my voice to bring attention to such a pressing issue. I think that as soon as it becomes a personal conviction is when we will finally get somewhere. I still struggle to find ways to help in a meaningful way, but I think every bit counts”, and that’s exactly the attitude of a change maker. 

Besides the phenomenal musical record, with the release of album, Dreamer Boy initiates other impactful activities. “We are going to activate our Non-Profit side of ATWWAT @allthewayswearetogether and mobilize all the wonderful friends and fans around the world to get out into their communities. I’ve been zooming with fans a part of the ATWWAT Instagram community every week and getting to know them, and I think this is going to be a big call to action. As well as partnering with some local Nashville operations to clean up some areas around the city. It’s going to be beautiful and hopefully the start of something really impactful”. 

Now, the last thing before you press play on ‘All The Ways We Are Together’, Dreamer Boy left you instructions for how you’re supposed to listen to it: “With friends at the same time if you can. Each of you put headphones on and then press play at the same time. That’s the good stuff”.

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Photographer: Adam Alonzo

Words: Karolina Kramplova