The Awaited Return of Matt Terry

Introducing the newly refined version of Matt Terry – the artist like you’ve never seen him before.

It’s ingrained in all our minds when the bright-eyed singer reigned supreme as the winner of the thirteenth series of The X Factor, an event that somewhat feels like a lifetime ago. In the eight years since his win, Terry has dived into superstardom.

Scoring a colossal 132 million streams for his debut single ‘Sucker For You’ and flying up the chart to #3 with his Ed Sheeran-penned festive hit ‘When Christmas Comes Around’, Terry has witnessed some tremendous highs throughout his career; a career that goes beyond his voice.

Terry is a machine in collaboration, nailing down some of the biggest hits for Little Mix, David Guetta and K-Pop group SEVENTEEN. If not writing his own music, his pen is hard at work writing material to secure him not only chart success but a shiny BRIT nomination too.

Now focusing solely on his reintroduction, Matt Terry sits down with Noctis Magazine to discuss what he got up to during his hiatus, how new single ‘You Don’t Know Nothing’ isn’t a comeback track and how this time around not only are the songs written by him, so is the industry rulebook.

Hey Matt! How’s the end of the year treating you, keeping warm?

Hey guys! Very well, thank you. Cosy season is my favourite time of the year, winter coats, boots and plenty of hot chocolate is definitely the way forward… and of course with ‘When Christmas Comes Around’ on repeat!

How are you feeling about the notion of reintroducing yourself as a soloist?

It has definitely been a process! And this time around I’m all about telling the truth… So I’m not going to sugar coat this, it is something that has been weighing heavy on my heart for many years. I honestly never thought I would be back here again. I felt that although my first project was pretty successful, I felt like the industry somehow chewed me up and spat me out. Which has been something I have learnt a lot from these past 5 years!

So you ask why go back in? Well, music is one of the loves of my life and although it may seem that I haven’t been part of this world for a while, behind the scenes I have been very busy. Writing music, arranging and recording vocals for artists all over the world. From K-POP stars to UK Artists, which has been very rewarding. Seeing music I’ve written succeed around the globe was the confidence boost I needed and I thought I would be an idiot if I didn’t write another project for myself!

‘You Don’t Know Nothing’ is quite a bold reintroduction and sonically sounds so unlike your previous projects – what prompted this shift in your sound?

‘You Don’t Know Nothing’ I feel is a track that I haven’t heard before, if I’m gonna do this I want to be myself. I’m a songwriter, I know how to write a song like many others that are out at the moment that are popular and radio friendly, but with my first one back I wanted to create something unique and see it more as a subtle introduction of what’s to come!

We love the enigmatic vibe of the music video – who did you work with to create this?

Thank you!!! I worked with a friend of mine, Courtney Nathan Phillip, who is an amazing creator and understands me completely. We have been working on multiple projects together and we can always capture my vision. We work well together and have directed and shot quite a few music videos that we can’t wait to share with everyone.

Why did you choose this track for your ‘comeback’ moment?

As I mentioned, I don’t think ‘You Don’t Know Nothing’ is a comeback track. I think we can make our own rules in music today, which is nice. So I’m seeing it as dipping my toes in the water before I dive in.

This is your first major release in over 5 years – did you feel that this break was needed in order to return authentically yourself?

10000%! I needed to grow as a human and an artist, and that is something that really does take time. I went back to basics, back to the drawing board and started all over again with a fresh perspective. I work hard everyday and it’s so rewarding to see others listening to my music and enjoying it. For the past year or so all my songs have been on private links so to see it out on streaming platforms is an unreal feeling. 

How does it feel stepping back into the limelight as an independent artist?

Powerful, I’m a Taurus so I love to be in control. I make every decision down to the last detail. I have hand picked an incredible team who believe in me and I am so grateful to have found them, we’re ready to do this.

A lot of your time away was spent travelling the world – what did you learn about yourself (and as an artist) whilst away in these different countries?

I really have! I love to travel. It opens your mind to so much more. I grew up in Spain, so I think I have a great understanding of culture. Songs not only have lyrics, melodies and production but they have certain feelings that we cannot create on purpose. The combination of all of those things and the human beings involved are super important. Different songwriters and producers from around the world bring very different feelings and I believe it comes from our experiences. 

How have you found the reception to the new track, what are some of the kind things fans have said?

Rewarding! It’s funny because this whole time I wanted to put out a project that feels like ME. Because I don’t feel like I have shown much of myself yet, I’m a private person. So I don’t feel like anybody really knows me. But it’s interesting to hear people say that this track really feels like me. I love that it comes across authentic and I am starting to show my fans who I am. 

You’ve got impressive credits on some of the UK’s biggest pop tracks of recent years – are there plans to continue collaborating?

Appreciate that! I would love to collaborate. I’ve very much been in a space where I have put all my energy into telling my story. So once I’ve said what I need to say I’m down for ALL THE COLLABS!

Will this new track lead into something more, perhaps a new EP or album?

100 percent it’s all already written! I’m calling it a “project” and I will be releasing a whole lot more music throughout next year which I am excited for people to hear.

Thanks so much Matt! Any last words for your fans?

Honestly, the response was more than I could have hoped for. After all these years to have people that stand by me is just unbelievable. Loyalty means everything. I want to say Thank you and that I have so much more for you all. I hope you love the music as much as I do.

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Words: Jordan White