The Day’s Latest Offering ‘Nemesis’ Delivers an Understated, Enduring Quality

The world in which we reside in now offers little hope, the outlook bleak. However, we still aim to carry on, to learn and to educate and to perhaps advent some form of change for the better. Antwerp – Hamburg based duo The Day spend their time shuttling between two cities, aiming to galvanise hope amidst the despair.

Their latest offering, ‘Nemesis’, the final song off the upcoming album ‘The Kids Are Alright’ released this May through cult Berlin label Sinnbus, is an offbeat indie-pop ditty where the band’s inspirations run as broad as they are deep. Singer Laura Loeters explains: “Referencing to Greek mythology, Nemesis is about feelings of powerlessness, the fight against injustice and the danger of becoming overconfident in a time when we live with constant threats and fears over which we seem to have no control. Yet we continue to search for balance and meaning and that little twinkling light in the darkness.

In dealing with loneliness and the threat of loss of control The Day want to offer a place of peace and confirmation to themselves as well as to their listeners. But also a hopeful starting point for jointly overcoming despair and the inability to act. In times like these, we need all the help we can get and the band offering us a glimmer of hope. 

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