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The Sherlocks are a rock band with a sound that is anthemic as it is authentic. Since releasing their foot-stomping debut album Live For The Momentin 2017, the band has gone from strength to strength.

Consistently electrifying in the studio as well as on stage, The Sherlocks have grown a devout fan base over the years—and with the release their fourth studio album on the horizon, ‘People Like Me & You’ as well as a colossal UK tour on the horizon—2023 is looking like a big year for the band. And, if the beltingly infectious new singles Sirensand No Retreat, No Surrenderare anything to go by, The Sherlocks are going to make some serious waves.

Recently, we had the pleasure of catching up with The Sherlocks as they gear up for this year’s flurry of UK show dates. Read on to discover more about the band’s Yorkshire roots, their songwriting process, and tequila-swilling misadventures that involve Benji from Royal Blood and the Spanish police.

Hello fellas, how are you? Could you start by telling us a little about how you formed? 

We formed back in 2010 in a little village called Bolton On Dearne, starting out in all the local pubs and clubs and causing some serious scenes. We were getting over 300 people every weekend following us around the pubs and clubs. It got so manic—great times and memories. 

You hail from South Yorkshire. How has your hometown influenced your style and writing over the years?

Yorkshire, Yorkshire! We hear this every gig now no matter where we are in the country. We even had this in Spain at Mad Cool festival last year—which took us by surprise. It’s a part of the band’s DNA. I think growing up where we did shaped us into who we are, which without intention, shapes the songwriting. We keep it real and people recognise this trait. We are flying the flag for all the people like us. Good, honest grafters.

Do you have any specific career highlights as a band so far?

Selling out Victoria Warehouse in Manchester was crazy—I don’t even think we knew how mad things had gotten at that point, as our debut album was just coming out. Our fan base is truly incredible, it’s like our own little gang. We’re like a cult band, that’s what it feels like. If you’re into our band, you’re properly into our band and it keeps growing slowly, but surely. Massive love to you all. #SherlocksArmy

And, any crazy misadventures? 

We’ve had thousands, probably gonna write a book one day to document it all. Mad Cool last year was the most recent as we ended up taking full advantage of the free bar after our gig. A few band members got thrown in a pool, we were drinking tequila with Benji from Royal Blood, then got invited to watch Kings of Leon from the side stage, then got pulled up by the Spanish police in the festival taxi back to our hotel all in one night. Good times!  

From ‘Live For The Moment’ to ‘World I Understand’, you’ve evolved your approach over the years while maintaining strong aspects of your signature sound. Has your writing process changed from album to album or are there consistencies in the way you work on tunes?

We still come up with the songs the same way we always have. The songs start with me (Kiaran) and I get the bulk of the actual skeleton down: the chorus, the melody, etc. usually, with ideas throughout, whether it’s drum parts, guitars or bass lines…and whether they stay or go can depend on what everyone thinks collectively. 

I try to come to the table with as much of an idea as I can, but every song is different. I think these days, the only thing that has changed is the fact that I’m able to write a lot more lyrics in the studio and complete songs that were never finished. I’ve always done that anyway, but most recently on our fourth record, most of the songs were written in the studio.

Your brand new single ‘Sirens’ is a belter. Very atmospheric and anthemic. What’s the inspiration behind it? Can we expect more like this in your forthcoming LP, ‘People Like Me & You’?

Yeah it’s a class tune. You can expect more bangers like that and also some moods in the album. There’s no real blueprint for the album as each song has its own thing going on.

Where did you record ‘People Like Me & You’ and how was the process?

We recorded it in Liverpool in a studio called the Motor Museum. We did it in between touring and squeezed in studio days where we could. It was a slightly different way of working to what we’re used to, but we had a good time making it.

You have a colossal tour coming up. Are there any dates or appearances that you’re looking forward to the most and why?

Probably Manchester and Sheffield because you know what to expect. The fans turn up in their numbers and are there for a good time which is what we’re all about. No politics, no faking it playing to a backing track like a lot of people—we’re a throwback to the old school bands who play live and take the crowd with them, and we feed off each other.

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Words: D I Hughes