Timoleon ‘Hideaway’ | Premiere

Any music that will take us on a journey anywhere where we’re allowed to move freely is what the world needs right now. That’s precisely what Timoleon offers with a new track ‘Hideaway.’

Timoleon is only a fifteen-year-old independent artist with a multi-cultural background of a German-Palestinian mother and a Swiss father. His unique writing style and production are getting him noticed, hey that’s how we noticed him. Such talent at an early age, we wanted to support before Timoleon sells out arenas.

His new project, ‘Hideaway,’ is a beautiful expression of Timoleon’s soulful vision and experiences with gripping vocals sang by the award-winning breakout singer Tom King. The production of ‘Hideaway’ takes you for a melancholic journey with the mixed indie/pop instrumentation and production.

Inspired by poetry and nature, and through connections with his surroundings, Timoleon shares the inspiration behind ‘Hideaway’ and how the track came about in the first place: “Hideaway is about feeling belonging, ‘eyes are closed my heart is yours,’ and the longing to feel a connection to something or someone. We recorded the demo at the end of an hour session together, and finished the final recordings during the coronavirus lockdown, I finished all the production and mixing in my bedroom, and the track was mastered by the amazing engineer Tim Biesta (ILIVEHERE, Bitbird).”

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Words: Karolina Kramplova