Tragic Sasha Enthralls on ‘The End Of The World’

Songwriter and producer, Tragic Sasha, returns with her enthralling new single ‘The End Of The World’. Serving as the third instalment from her upcoming EP, the track displays the artists unique take on indie electronica that places epic synth chords at the epicentre. Since arriving on the scene in 2016, Sasha has become known for her emotive storytelling and this release is no different. ‘End Of The World’ sees the artist commentate on a bleak pre-pandemic world that still rings true three years on. Such a message is elevated thanks to a macabre and fantastical music video that transports the viewer into Sasha’s world. 

Speaking on the new single, Tragic Sasha writes: ‘I wrote ‘The End Of The World’, with my two friends Kaity Rae and Scott Colcombe, just before the pandemic in 2019 about being anxious for the state of the world – little did I know what was just around the corner. My songs sometimes have a habit of prophesying the future! I made the video with Dottie Kay in my Grandmother’s old Tudor house in the country. The house itself is beautiful but it’s been crumbling down for many years and I knew it would be the perfect location.’

The artist achieved great online success prior to the pandemic with hit singles ‘Fall On My Feet’ and ‘Picking Flowers’. However the period offered Sasha the opportunity to rethink her artistic output and decided to rent a studio in London where she taught herself music production. Since we’ve the artists sound expertly combine elements from pop, indie & electronica whilst still maintaining the powerful lyricism that made her songs so successful prior. 

2023 has seen Sasha reap the rewards of a devoted approach to improving her technical ability. Three years without releasing is a long-time in today’s music industry but that time has allowed the artist to create a new chapter in her career and when the EP lands in full next month, we’ll see the new Tragic Sasha.

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Words: Jake Wright