viisi ‘i left my hometown’ | A Fusion of Genres

In the current music scene, where blending genres is more the rule than the exception, viisi carves out his niche with a sound that pulls from alt-pop, rock, and hip-hop. His latest single, “i left my hometown,” is a testament to his skill in creating music that resonates on a personal level while capturing the complexities of embarking on a new journey in search of dreams.

viisi, or Matthew Borley as he’s known offstage, has been on a musical journey since he was a teenager, influenced by ’90s hip-hop and the genre’s storytelling prowess. This influence is evident in his music, which goes beyond mere sound to convey messages about life, dreams, and personal growth.

This latest track is a compelling mix of energetic electric riffs, passionate vocals, and dynamic beats. It mirrors the adrenaline and uncertainty of leaving behind the familiar to chase something greater. “i left my hometown” speaks to the bold step viisi himself took—moving away from his hometown, quitting his job, and dedicating himself fully to his music career. This narrative is not just his but echoes the experiences of many who have faced similar crossroads.

What makes viisi’s work stand out is not just his blending of sounds but his storytelling. Drawing from his own life and the leap of faith he took, the song connects with listeners who have faced or are facing similar decisions. It’s about the universal experience of seeking growth beyond one’s comfort zone.

His collaborations with artists like Chelsea Collins and Kayla DiVenere and accolades from platforms such as Fashionably Early and Sweety High highlight his evolving presence in the music world. Starting from humble beginnings and inspired by his father’s introduction to hip-hop, viisi’s journey reflects the narrative of “i left my hometown”—from his initial forays into music to playing shows across Europe.

“i left my hometown” is more than a single; it’s a milestone in viisi’s career and a shared story of pursuing one’s passion against the odds. The song captures the essence of making significant life changes, wrapped in a sound that’s both fresh and familiar. For viisi, and for many of his listeners, it’s a reminder of the power of taking risks and the beauty of chasing dreams, no matter where they might lead.

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Words by Izabel Rose