Wrabel x Unity ‘The Village’ | Video Premiere

“People say I can’t, I will,” is the heartfelt message of the new rendition of Wrabel‘s 2017 mega-hit ‘The Village’ alongside Britain’s Got Talent’s golden buzzer dance group Unity.

The premiere video performance takes ‘The Village’ to new heights of powerful, synchronized movements fuelled by accepting and celebrating differences. Unity uses its choreography to express frustration and heartbreak over feeling exiled and turn the art of dance into embracing their individuality.

In this year’s season of Britain’s Got Talent, in a moment of ‘no more golden buzzers,’ Simon Cowell decided to break the rules and give Unity the acknowledgment they deserved. For their audition, the dance group picked Wrabel’s LGBTQ+ anthem, ‘The Village, ‘ that now has almost 100 million streams.

Wrabel wrote ‘The Village’ in relation to changes in the federal protection of trans students within public schools in the US. Unity’s revision of the compelling song proved once again; art has no limits. Art does not choose or judge. Art is universal. And there isn’t a more powerful blend than – music and dance.

Wrabel reacts to watching Unity’s performance for the first time: When I saw Unity’s performance on BGT, I sobbed. Like a full-body sob. I had no idea it was happening, and it was the best surprise ever. I was so struck by their vulnerability. Such a beautiful group of unique individuals all coming together and showing us what it really means to love and support one another.”

“My manager and I flew out to London a few days later to meet them and to get to attend the semi-finals and cheer them on. I was gutted when they didn’t make it to the finals. In my mind, there was no competition. They won.”

He details the profound emotion of filming ‘The Village’ music video alongside all the Unity members: “We took a trip out to Liverpool of to get to spend the day with them, and we shot this video together. I had goosebumps the whole time. The power. The love, to feel it in the room, was both beautiful and incredibly overwhelming. My hopes for this video are to shine a spotlight on Unity, on who they are and what they are doing, and how they are inspiring millions of people simply by being themselves”.

Wrabel’s upcoming EP ‘chapter of you’ is due to be released on August 25th.

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Words: Karolina Kramplova