Yarin Glam | 5 Minutes With 

R&B pop artist Yarin Glam recently released her new single “BURN IT DOWN,” setting the bar for what’s yet to come. The Israel born, California based singer/songwriter uses her music as a way to connect with listeners about crucial topics including female empowerment, mental health and self-love, to name a few, delivering them in a way which is memorable and totally intoxicating. “BURN IT DOWN” encompasses all of these topics, as Glam reminds us of the importance in living unapologetically yourself and embracing every inch of what makes you you. Inspired by her sister’s “crazy” antics when it comes to relationships, “BURN IT DOWN” is relatable, lighthearted and liberating. 

Decorated in shiny synths, pulsating beats and a haunting guitar, the track has a mesmeric effect, as Glam’s satiny vocals melt over the enchanting instrumentation. 

We spoke with Yarin Glam about her new single, her Middle Eastern background and much more. 

Hi Yarin, congratulations on the new single, “BURN IT DOWN”. For those who haven’t heard it yet, how would you describe the track in just three words? 

Fun, unapologetic, relatable. 

“BURN IT DOWN” is a track about your sister and her antics when it comes to dating. Was there a specific moment of hers that made you decide to write this track? 

I really wanted to write a song from her perspective, and on that day I was just inspired to write it. 

How did your sister react when she found out you had written a song about her? 

She was super excited about it! It was so cute. And when she heard it her exact words were “OMG this is so me. Best song ever!” 

Your music is known for addressing themes of female empowerment, mental health, and self-love. How do these themes play a role in “BURN IT DOWN” and how do you hope listeners will connect with these messages?

Burn it Down has this vibe of not caring about what others think or say about you. I’m hoping they get a message of owning who they are and letting go of toxic situations that don’t serve them. Own who you are and be proud of it. 

Your Middle Eastern background is a significant part of your identity. How does this cultural influence manifest in your music, and can we hear any specific elements of it in “BURN IT DOWN”?

I listen to music in Hebrew almost everyday. There are so many great artists that I listen to, even before sessions to get inspired. we didn’t use any Middle Eastern elements in this song specifically, but it is who I am. 

You’ve previously toured the US and Canada with Emblem3. Were there any standout moments from this tour and can we expect any other upcoming tours this year? 

Absolutely. First of all touring with the boys was a dream come true. They’re like my family now. I had a glam squad girly, Ashlin, do a beautiful fan project for me that I’ll never forget. When I was singing “Shut Up” the whole crowd were holding up signs related to my music and my message. It was amazing. 

Yes! I’m hoping to get on another tour this year!

What direction do you see your music going in in the future? Are there any avenues either sonically or thematically that you’d like to explore? 

I’ve been writing music that sonically I’d say sounds darker. I love writing “dark” feeling music. But I also have my side that just loves writing fun pop songs. It’s hard to say, we’ll see what I’m going to be inspired by tomorrow. But my next few singles do have that dark feel to them. 

What else does 2024 hold for Yarin Glam?

Lots of new music! And hopefully another tour, and you know eventually the Grammys. 

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Photographer: Juneau Janzen

Words: Alexander Williams