Alma Rosaz Debuts ‘A Dance with the Clouds’ Photobook

Fashion and music photographer Alma Rosaz publishes her debut photobook, ‘A Dance with the Clouds‘, offering a kitsch and colourful journey into her dazzling photography world.  This book acts as an exhibition of selected works from 2020 to 2022 chosen by the artist exploring four major themes present in Rosaz’ practice. It will first delve into the young photographer’s worlds of Escapism, before going to her experimentation with Self-Portraiture, passing by the close relationship of Photography with Paintings, before reviewing her work on Music Photography.

Having collaborated with many creative publications including Noctis, Kaltblut, Pap, and Polyester Zine, Alma’s practice explores the artistic and quirky sides of photography, focusing on colourful and distorted portraits touching on cultures, gender, performance and identity. Alma has lived in many countries such as Nigeria, Norway and Indonesia, and is the daughter of parents with strong artistic visions, which participated in educating her eyes for all sorts of arts, colours and cultures. Her fascination for staging and storytelling is translated by the use of props, collages and the habit of changing her subjects into characters uniquely her own.

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Words: Anna Prudhomme