What We Need to Remember When Changing the Perception of Ourselves

The hardest thing about self-care is making sure that we feel the benefits of the change. One of the most difficult parts of looking after ourselves is that we’re not making as much progress as we would think we should. Changing our perception of ourselves is something that doesn’t happen overnight. When we are looking to alter our self-perception throughout any self-care practice, we have to remember some of the following: 

It’s About What You Think

Self-perception is about what we think of ourselves, not what others think of us. The fact is that you may feel self-conscious because you’ve something as simple as issues with your teeth. Opting for a teeth straightener doesn’t necessarily make everything disappear, but you may realize that when you start to feel like you are happy with yourself because you fixed a superficial issue, this is more of a sign that you care about what others think rather than what you think of yourself. It’s important to detach from what other people’s projections are. People have negative criticism, but the reality is that we need to start focusing on who we are and all base it on our opinion. 

Think About How People Made You Who You Are, and Change It

The problem we have when we start to think about other people and their perceptions of who we are, we completely base our thoughts on others and how they think about us. When we start to think about who we are in terms of our self-esteem, we need to remember that we should have the last word. 

Negative Self-Perceptions Are Not All Bad

The problem we can all have when we start to think negatively about ourselves is that we don’t have a great opinion of ourselves. However, negative self-perceptions can be very beneficial and teach us a lot. A negative self-perception is a sense of self-preservation, and a negative self-perception of who we are makes us understand that as we develop into a more positive version of ourselves we can use how we previously thought about ourselves as a foundation to remember that we do not return back to that frame of mind, because it didn’t benefit us in the slightest. 

Ensuring We Are Worthy of Self-Care

Going from a negative sense of perception to a positive one is all about learning that you are worth it. It’s not an easy thing to get the hang of, especially when you’ve been thinking negatively for so long. But self-care means learning the benefits of slowly changing who you are based on how you look after yourself. The fact is that something as simple as treating yourself is going to make a massive difference; it gives you the permission to view yourself as a far more important entity. 

Changing our perceptions is a long habit that takes baby steps. The reality is that it can take a while to achieve, but if you want to be a far better version of yourself, changing the perception is something you need to view as a long journey in self-development.

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