The Charm Of Ellie Parris

Newcomer Ellie Parris unveils her long-awaited debut EP ‘Out Of Sight’ featuring five tracks setting her up to be one of the most exciting names out of British music. Parris stays true to herself and writes from real-time emotion using her natural charm with seductive delicate vocals.

Acting upon no structure pressure, Ellie Parris writes an intimate, evocative project that slides between heady neo-soul and smooth, authentic percussive R&B. ‘Out Of Sight’ is the result of a collaboration between her and the critically acclaimed rapper & ‘Prince of Croydon’ Jords.

Born and raised in Cardiff, the Welsh singer/songwriter now resides in London. Making a move over to the capital, Ellie Parris also symbolizes a new chapter of her life in her new EP ‘Out Of Sight.’ While she has already finished her morning coffee, Parris is enjoying the unexpected London sunshine and blue skies.

As a creative minimalist, Parris shares, she stays in her creative bubble and is ready to embark on a self-improvement journey.

What have you been up to?

I have been working on some new songs with producers I haven’t worked with previously. I’m hyped from the release of my EP, “Out of Sight” so that’s benefiting my creative mind in the studio too!

What’s keeping you busy in the ever-so-boring month of January?

The lead up to release has kept me busy to be honest. It’s probably the first year in a while I bypassed the usual ‘blue energy’ that comes with a new year. I’ve been working out a lot more & eating better, I feel great!

How did you prepare for the release of ‘Out Of Sight’?

I feel like I winged it. In regards to songs, they were written authentically without any pressure of structure. I really am learning a lot as I go. I thankfully took some advice & guidance from friends in the scene but the most part, I trusted my decisions. I know how to make good music so the hardest part was already done.

Do you remember the first moment when you knew you wanted to make music?

I always knew I loved it but it wasn’t until around 15/16 when I really understood this can be a career that I started writing original songs. A family friend took me to the studio & we wrote a song called ‘Baby, I Can’t Breathe’ (dramatic for a 15 year old but hey).

How would you compare living in Cardiff with London?

VERY different. People in Cardiff are super friendly for the most part (no offence). Of course it’s a lot smaller so the community feels more together there, that I miss. The days actually feel quicker here, everybody is always rushing somewhere.

What are your favorite spots in London for connecting with new people?

I don’t really go out much, I’m very much a home bird.

Last year’s release ‘Seasons’, why did you want this to be your first single?

Seasons symbolized a personal promise & beginning of a new chapter for me. It’s almost structured like an intro & in many ways the intro to the improving versions of myself. One thing I love about this song is it just sounds like a jamming session with J, Taurean & I. For those reasons I knew it had to be the first creation people had heard from me fully. We kept a lot of raw takes in this track, it’s definitely a song that attaches to a specific moment & feeling.

What inspired you to write ‘Always’?

Always represents the push + pull within a common type of love. An unrealistic expectation, mis-communication kind of love.

Who did you work with on the ‘Always’ music video?

I recorded & edited Always’ visualizer at home. I’m quite a minimalist when it comes to my art, I like to let things breathe. An old film camera ended up coming in very useful.

Which track out of your debut EP ‘Out Of Sight’ was the hardest to write?

Always. Writing from real-time emotion is a unique feeling.

What did you intent to express on ‘Out Of Sight’?

Out of Sight represents the end of a chapter & the beginning of a new one. I allowed myself to release & experiment with sounds I love best. Lyrically, expression themes stem from being unlucky in love & remembering who you are!

Could you tell us how you first linked up with Jords?

We met after being on the same line up of a ILuvLive show in Hoxton, back in 2017. I’ve learnt a lot from J over the years, he’s truly mastering his craft & I’m honoured to witness it really.

What are you manifesting for your future and career?

Authentic relationships, good health, productive studio sessions + happiness in abundance.

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Words: Karolina Kramplova

Photographer: Alfie Reddy

Creative Direction: Hope Rose

Hair: David Commander

Styling: Hope Rose

Makeup: Hope Rose