Charlie Tallott’s Photobook ‘At Least Until the World Stops Going Round’ Finds Solace in the Transience of Life

A new book, by photographer Charlie Tallott, explores the transience of life and examines how the act of photography can be a form of escapism. At Least Until the World Stops Going Round, published by New Dimension, is Tallott’s debut monograph. It is a collection of euphoric, tangible, and textured photographs, taken over the last six years. 

But while the images are flash laden and blissful, much of At Least Until the World Stops Going Round stems from a tough period in Tallott’s life. Three years ago, Tallott spent three months in the care of an NHS crisis team following a suicide attempt. During this period, Tallott used photography as refuge, as he strived to create utopian realities through his images. 

The book’s title, At Least Until the World Stops Going Round, was influenced by aphorisms Tallott’s mum would tell him, such as ‘you’ve always got tomorrow’ and ‘the sun’s gonna always come up’.

The title, and project, is a statement of hope and solace, which acts as a reminder that our darkest moments are temporary. 

Speaking on the project, Charlie Tallott explains “It’s remembering there’s good and bad. You have to go with the flow of each, enjoying both as much as you can.“There’s almost a feeling of appreciation and understanding toward how you feel, knowing that it’s all just temporary. The world will keep turning, and the sun will turn up tomorrow.” 

Originally from Yorkshire, Tallott began taking photos in and around his grandparents house in Cross Gates, East Leeds. The influence of his family, upbringing, and hometown permeates his work. 

Ben Goulder of publisher New Dimension shares “It has been a pleasure to have worked on bringing Charlie’s first ever publication to life. I was immediately struck by his work and by his story.” “The work in this publication feels like the youthful reckless abandon of You & I era Ryan McGinley combined with the surreal mundanity of Albert Elm.”

At Least Until the World Stops Going Round will be launching at Photo London, Somerset House on 15/05/24.

To celebrate the publication of the monograph, New Dimension will be hosting a launch event and signing at their Photo London booth, on 15/05/24 at 5PM. 

The celebrations will continue at their Offprint London table, Tate Modern, booth from 17/05/24. 

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Images courtesy of Charlie Tallot and New Dimension