Yvonne Ambrée Shares Hauntingly Beautiful Single ‘Thieves’

Yvonne Ambrée muses that there’s something both sad and beautiful about being awake during the darkest part of the day, in the middle of the night. It was this thought that led to ‘Thieves’, the first single off of an upcoming album. By blending electronic influences with the likes of alt-pop, Ambrée provides listeners with a haunting dreamscape, matching both the theme and feeling of her lyrics. Echoing the sentiment is Ambrée’s vocal delivery, a delicate match to the sonics of the song. 

The upcoming album is said to be written from a place of confidence and tenderness, and balancing the two is something executed on ‘Thieves’ and could be a precursor for what’s to come. It is also evident in the music video for the track. It’s a stop-motion production animated and edited by Ambrée herself. Her hands-on approach to all aspects of the creation process lends itself to just how intimate the music is to her. Being both a mixed media artist and music video editor comes in handy when making a personal project public. 

It makes sense that a precedent theme of ‘Thieves’ is one of insomnia and the overthinking that comes along with it as Ambrée splits her time between Berlin and Brooklyn. “’Thieves’ is a metaphor for thoughts that stay with you through the night. Those moments when you are not fully asleep because something or someone preoccupies your mind.” 

In terms of relatability it doesn’t fall short. Borne from not being able to rest, Ambrée finds comfort in knowing she isn’t the only person to feel the same way. “I thought of all the people that might be awake just like me.” Likely to strike a chord with listeners, it’s a feeling as old as time. 

‘Thieves’ is available on all streaming platforms now.

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Words: Janita Purcell