Create a Home That Reflects Your True Self

This past year has been about spending time at home. Some people have loved being at home, while others have discovered pretty quickly that their living space does not suit their needs or their tastes. The value of having a home that reflects your style and taste has been amplified in the last 12 months, so you may have decided that now is the time to hit the refresh button and create a living space that you love. Your home environment has a massive impact on many areas of your life. Creating a home that aligns with who you are and what you are about will enrich your life and energize you. Your home needs to be somewhere that you can relax and let your creativity flow freely. But, the big question is, just how do you design a living space that suits your aesthetic?

Photo: RF Studio

Trust Your Gut

When it comes to redesigning your living environment, the worst thing you can do is to overthink. Questioning your tastes and second-guessing your choices will inhibit the process. Try to trust your gut and notice what you are attracted to. If you really like something, you will know straight away. 

Experiment with Color

Color has a significant influence on your living space, so choosing it carefully is essential. Color psychology explores the impact that color has on the way that people feel and provides insight into the properties of each color. If you are trying to create a specific vibe in your home, then exploring color psychology can be helpful. But, if you have a favorite color that you cannot get enough of then, you may choose to use it everywhere!

Add Art

Introducing art to your home is the most effective way to transform your living space. When you find artwork that really speaks to you and fuels your creativity, the whole atmosphere in your room can change. Art brings so much more to a home than a way to brighten up the walls; it is through art that you can tell the world who you are and what you stand for. If you have never bought art before, it can feel a bit daunting, and you may be concerned that original artwork will be unaffordable. But it is possible to purchase art on a budget and enjoy having original and unique pieces of art in your home.

Break Free From Constraints

When you are redesigning your home, you need to be guided by your tastes to ensure that you end up with a living space that inspires you and provides you with sanctuary. Choosing pieces of furniture and objet d’art that are meaningful to you will ensure that your personality and experiences are reflected throughout your home. Don’t get bogged down by interior design trends; choose what feels right for you. Breaking free from the constraints of conventional design and following your own path will help you to create a home environment that perfectly matches your needs and your tastes. 

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