Liberate Yourself From Society’s Expectations

In one way or another, many of us are held back and encouraged to stay small by the messages we receive from society. We’re told that there’s only one way to dress, to act, to love, to be, and anything that deviates outside of these traditional stereotypes is quickly ‘othered’ and ridiculed. While other people may not understand why you would want to liberate yourself from this, there are many whose wildest dream is to break free of these societal constructs and live their best lives as their true, authentic selves. 

If you dream of liberating yourself, read on. 

Photo: Anna Shvets

Surround Yourself With Role Models

Finding role models can help to give us the confidence we need to break free. They can be the catalyst that finally encourages us to be who we were always meant to be without the shackles imposed on us by society. Follow people on social media and see how they conduct themselves. Listen to their story, and learn from them. 

Take Baby Steps In The Right Direction

You don’t need to change your entire identity in a weekend. Taking baby steps in the right direction can help you to alleviate anxiety while feeling that you are moving towards your greatest good. Whether you’re looking at gold nose rings, pink hair dye, or growing out your body hair, you need to do what feels right for you. 

Embrace your creativity as well. Whether it is through taking online guitar lessons, learning to watercolor, or writing Haiku poetry. Whatever it is that makes you feel alive and on purpose, you should embrace it. Choose a creative outlet that excites you and intrigues you, in this way, you will always be pushing yourself to learn and do more.

Give Yourself Some Breathing Room

It’s not always possible to just move away, but when you can get out of your family home and even out of your hometown, you may find that the courage to be yourself has been inside of you all along. It’s hard to admit to family that we are not who they think we are, especially since many family members can be openly critical and judgemental. While we know we shouldn’t care what other people think, it’s easier said than done. Moving away can give you the breathing room you need to figure things out in peace. 

Set Clear Boundaries

Make sure you set clear boundaries with people in your life. You can draw a line without being harsh. If somebody isn’t treating you right, let them know. Don’t let other people try to define how you live. This is your one and only life. 

People will always want to control how you dress or act, even on special occasions such as weddings or other celebrations. Remember that you’ll live with guilt and sadness when pretending to be someone you’re not. It’s okay to ask for others’ opinions, but at the end of the day, your needs and preferences reign. For instance, if you want to have a particular hairstyle or want specific bridal hairdressing services, let your opinion stand out no matter how others feel. It’s your wedding. The same goes with the outfit. You don’t have to wear the traditional wedding dress if that’s not what you want.The more you learn how to express your feelings and needs, the lighter and peaceful you’ll feel. You’ll no longer feel guilty or out of place requesting for things to be done your way. You’re also not letting others trample all over you. You’ll have a unique identity some might find hard to accept, but eventually, they will.

Be Your Own Best Friend

Be kind and gentle with yourself on your journey. Again, easier said than done – however, when you realize you have your own back, you’re less likely to care about what others say or think. 

Find Your People 

Once you’re comfortable with yourself, see if you can find your people. Join communities, go to meetups, and find other ways to meet people with similar beliefs, goals, and values to you. The right people in your circle can have a huge positive impact on how you live. 

Use Your Voice 

When you use your voice, you can liberate others. When people can see that you have taken complete ownership of your life, they are more likely to follow suit. You could be a catalyst for other people.

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