Adam, Chi Lung Chan x Garment Streak

Adam, Chi Lung Chan, is a London based Hongkongese fashion stylist and fashion week writer for Noctis Magazine. After graduating from Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion, Adam worked in fashion brand Christopher Kane as a textiles/fabric assistant. Now a fashion stylist, Adam has an impressive and varied portfolio, having styled for movie promotions, actors and influencers as well as fashion runways, lookbooks and campaigns in both Hong Kong and England.

Adam recently participated in the Noctis x Garment Streak challenge, wearing one item of clothing across the week, styled in different ways to promote slow fashion and get us to consider wearing clothing we own opposed to buying into fast fashion. We asked Adam some questions about his thoughts on sustainability in the fashion industry.

Do you remember when or how you first became conscious of the connection between fast fashion and climate change?

I first became aware of the environmental impact of fast fashion during a lecture in university around 2015, I didn’t get much information on it, so I did some more research online. I remember there was an interesting article on BBC that made me realise how polluting fast fashion brands really are. 

What positive role do you think public figures and influencers could have in the fight against fast fashion and climate change generally?

Ultimately young people lookup public figures and influencers and this is why product promotion works. What they’re wearing, promoting or even just tagging on social media definitely impacts their followers. I think the influencers should always consider the ethics and how eco-friendly the products are before working with a brand and should take responsibility for the fact that if they promote fast fashion brand(s) and non eco-friendly products, they are indirectly contributing to climate change and other environmental issues.

What has it felt like for you to be seen on Instagram wearing one item of clothing multiple times?

This is actually an unexpected question for me. I have never thought there’s any problem with people re-wearing clothes whether in real life or in Instagram. I have a number of posts where I am wearing the same garments if you are styled well enough and the backgrounds or composition are different, people wouldn’t mind or can’t even tell they’re the same clothes! A new garment/outfit is no substitute for some real creativity.

Besides performing in the Garment Streak, what else should we know about you or what you are doing? Any new work or projects coming up?

As a stylist, my job is to dress up and chose garments for my client to wear in public events and social media promotions. I try to choose brands which are more environmental friendly and definitely not fast fashion brands for them. In terms of upcoming projects, I’ll be styling and promoting a sustainable menswear brand in this coming September during London fashion week.

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