Adrianne Weber: Vol 4. Him for Her | LFW AW24

Adrianne Weber VOL. 4 – HIM FOR HER took the catwalk in a big way, showcasing itself across the breadth of Marylebone’s Bomb Factory Art Foundation. Sourced and produced in England, this collection is curated toward high energy, fast-paced lives of urban inhabitants. The collection utilizes high quality dead-stock fabrics and revamped materials via a limited color palette of primarily black and white. Meticulous attention to detail shined through, allowing limitless interpretation and recombination by the wearer. 

As the doors opened, guests became witness to a performance art piece by NICCOLÒ PELLIGRINO. In light of VOL. 4 a crossroads presents, carnal inclinations affront the evanescent in his realm of creative expansion. Earthy hues alongside pink and red pose a heavy contrast against the artist’s stark white clothing and surrounding walls. Free, near inexplicable movement of the fluid figure exists as a precursor to the collection as it would impact the viewer. Color and movement worked together in contrast which served to further the impact of one’s artistic spirit.

This collection is established in light of ‘concidentia oppositorum’, or the union of opposites. In a metropolis environment we encounter the beating heart of human existence in contrast with industrial buildings and cement blocks. VOL. 4 posits that we are merely seeking understanding in this flesh which will change as we adjust to our environment.  Weber expresses “the world we inhabit is a continuous exchange of coexisting contradictions, and I wish for this constant state of flux to reverberate in the Fourth Volume”. Value lies where contradicting elements of tranquility and chaos overlap.

Delicate fabrics outlined each model’s stride as they crossed the concrete floors, organza and leather met silk and then taffeta. Nuances were not lost on this collection as intensive attention to detail drove this narrative home. Otherwise sleek silhouettes were affronted by meticulously placed feathers, appearing to jut out of v-shaped open backs. Metallic buttons adorn dramatic necklines and traipse over cold shoulders. Dresses were styled so as to allow thin straps to slip – seemingly on their own. 

These pieces are designed to be adjusted upon the wearer’s volition allowing endless reimagination of each piece. Leather pockets are contrasted with mesh trouser legs, silk maxi skirts convert into micro minis, unzipped dresses become two in one sets, and fabric is draped eloquently via minimalist cuts. 

Adrianne Weber’s HIM FOR HER is in artful contradiction of itself. Classic becomes playful whilst practical becomes elegant. Style need not be sacrificed to the color wheel when intricate embellishments speak for themselves. This collection is truly something to be admired and does a phenomenal job of showcasing beauty that exists within juxtaposition.

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Photography courtesy of Adrianne Weber PR
Words: Lauren Bulla