Arron Burton | 5 Minutes With

Supporting freelance and self employed creatives through the on-going Covid-19 crisis, leaving many creatives unable to work, we present a new series of interviews spotlighting incredible talent across the UK. This week we speak to designer Manchester based menswear designer Arron Burton. Arron skillfully deconstructs traditional tailoring to create a raw and authentic artifact. Collection 001, created in 2018, was a intricate exploration of organic wools, painted with acrylic paint, and silver heard wear.

Hi Arron, tell us about any obstacles did you encountered and how did you overcome them when designing Collection 001? 

It was tough at first but I figured it out.

Education helped my process of designing as it pushed my direction to the next level — menswear wasn’t my organic process I originally started painting 70 x 70 canvases before my BA.

I knew my intention when I started the collection and it turned out to be something much more than just a collection. 

I deconstructed tailored jackets I had and incorporated an unconventional way of using tailoring — which led onto making my own way of producing menswear. 

What are your thoughts on sustainable fashion, is this something you practice or have plans to?

My way of working is organic from my fabric choice , to the process of each garment, and my selection and order of making my process sustainable. In the year ahead my aim is to work with only sustainable leathers. 

Which designers inspire you right now?

Designers don’t inspire me as such as they are competitors. I respect the legacy of Luke Smalley, and what Kris Van Assche does at Berluti. 

Outside of fashion, what are you inspired by?

Sculpture work — as well as sports memorabilia. It has a big impact on my design aesthetic and process within my work. 

What was the last exhibition you went to?


The space and body of work would of worked better without the palm trees – that’s all I’m saying. 

Last book you read? (Or podcast you listened to) 


If you like curation, there you go. 

How did you choose which photographers to work with when documenting the collection? Where you heavily involved with the creative direction of these shoots?

ALEX ENGLISH has been someone who I’ve always agreed to work with for years and we finally had the time to make things happen — and luckily enough it was when I finished COLLECTION_001. 

MARSIO BELLIZZI who works with FUCKINGYOUNG had interest to shoot my collection — he reached out and was in Manchester one day and we made things work. 

Each process I take within my work is heavily direction based — as the narrative of my brand is such a big importance of my final showcase and brand identity. 

What do you think about the representation of masculinity and manhood in fashion today? 

The representation of masculinity is what ever you make it out to be – I was brought up in an all boys school growing up and that built a strong identity through my work via my own experience.  There isn’t anything wrong about intense or lighthearted manliness within the industry. Boyhood, Manhood, and Adolescence is a big part of life and our progress within our lives.

I like to represent the Youth and Integrity from average day to day males – I like the visual representation of rawness and authenticity. 

The industry lacks it. 

Do you have any plans to include womenswear or gender neutral pieces in a future collection?

My work can be worn by anyone – I just know my narrative and direction and our intention is to produce menswear.

Are you self isolating? How has this affected you as a creative freelancer? 

I am currently self isolating to ensure my health is top priority — to any freelancers out there. Re-Energise, and Plan. 

Do you have any advice for new fashion graduates looking to design their first collection? 

Don’t think about designing just a product, and use your degree as trial and error.  

Fast forward 5 years… where do you see yourself heading? 

The future of ARRONBURTON.STUDIO will evolve into an international studio — expanding into a known studio.  

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Words: Genea Bailey