Barrus: Legend Reborn | LFW AW24

The name ‘Barrus’, meaning ‘elephant’ in Latin, symbolises power, loyalty, and good luck, all of which the brand presents through their garments.

The AW24 collection, entitled ‘Legend Reborn’, is said to be a ballad composed by designer Neslisah Yilmaz, to pay homage to the Sumerian civilisation of Mesopotamia. With their advanced techniques of weaving during the third millennium of BCE, this was replicated in the collection through delving deep into the historic archives and allowing the brand to create this truly unique offering.

Inspired by Sumerian royalty, Yilmaz used the materials and sophisticated techniques of the Sumerians, bringing this royalty to London Fashion Week. Reliefs of Sumerian civilisations show figures wearing skirts and dresses made from woven cloth and tufted fabrics, with these draped styles having influenced the Greeks and Egyptians, and now the Barrus collection today.

The brand used recycled fabrics made from thousands of plastic bottles collected from the
ocean. These sustainability efforts intend to allow multiple generations to enjoy the brand
without degradation and promote a circular lifecycle.

The collection boasted 35 looks, presented in colour groups opening with three electric cobalt blue looks and moving through purples, muted yellow mustards, and finally rich greens. Mesh, gemstones, and sequins were also a recurring feature, adding that extra glamour to the presentation. We also saw simple striped-back looks such as an all-black ensemble with blazer and low-rise satin maxi skirt that oozed elegance.

The ‘Legend Reborn’ collection was created from inspiration by the earliest civilisations for the modern woman, bringing the power and elegance of Sumerian royalty to today’s landscape and perfectly living up to the collection’s name.

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Photography: Emilly Obeng
Words: Sylvia Shoshan