Cali White x Garment Streak

Cali White is a model, philanthropist, and actress with a passion for environmental conservation. Working with organisations such as Advaya, My Eco Resolution and Oceanic global she is promotes environmentally conscious thinking and positive actions.

We recently invited Cali to participate Noctis x Garment Streak, a slow fashion week, challenging creatives wearing one item of clothing for a week to support sustainable fashion, break down the stigma of appearing online wearing the same outfit multiple times and spread awareness about the true cost of the fast fashion industry.

“I’ve been modelling for around 2 or 3 years now so it’s still reasonably new although I really enjoy working in fashion and feel quite at home here. I’ve been aware of the consequences of fast fashion (ethically, environmentally, etc.) from quite a young age. Since working in fashion, I’ve learnt more about fast fashion and the implications so I was really excited when this project came across to me. I had a really nice chat with the team and we share a lot of similar values and thoughts. I think to put a project like this out there is a great way to bring attention to the matter at hand. It’s relevant and I think even the most disinterested person might wonder why an influencer they follow has been wearing the same thing every day for a number of days!”

Do you remember when or how you first became conscious of the connection between fast fashion and climate change?

I’ve always been a particularly anxious little thing. I think this is rooted in being the victim of a terror attack in primary school (age 8). I always preferred boys clothes regardless and I think quite early on when I started understanding climate change (around 9 or 10), and researching the horrible sweat-shops that fast fashion utilizes, I think that’s when I would have started being skeptical about fashion although I didn’t have the resources or the understanding to know too much about the different types back then. I have always veered away from fast fashion as I am aware of the human cost it carries and the environmental, since I was a child. 

What positive role do you think public figures and influencers could have in the fight against fast fashion and climate change generally?

Regarding Climate Change – I work for Advaya, My Eco Resolution and Oceanic Global. There are plenty of ways to get involved in ecoresolution, for public figures and non-public figures. I think a lot of it is a mental thing. We place a lot of values on material objects, on how we can objectify ourselves with the material objects or omit a certain image. I think an easy way for public figures and influencers to postively impact in this realm is to align themselves with an initiative or a charity that resounds their values. Philanthropic work doesn’t take a lot of time – sometimes it’s just signing a petition or showing up to a talk. I think people being more open to learning would go very, very far. 

What has it felt like for you, to be seen on Instagram wearing the same thing over and again?

Personally, I don’t care

Besides performing in the Garment Streak, what else should we know about you or what you are doing?

Besides performing in the Garment Streak, I am really excited that I have been allowed to starting conducting interviews by myself with my own team for Advaya and My Eco Resolution. We work really hard on positively promoting bettering ourselves to look after this Earth we call home. I love what I do there and I would like to shed some light on that. In other news, my T.V. Show Kensal Town will be coming out soon – keep an eye out for me! 

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