Cee Cee O’Neal x Garment Streak

Cee Cee is a fashion stylist and creative director originally from Jamaica, living and working in London. Cee Cee is passionate about helping the new generation, this is seen in his work with Introduction to Fashion, an international exchange program and youth workshop. As well as this, he is also the founder of anti knife crime organisation, Love Life Gala, introducing vulnerable young people to positive opportunities.

Currently, Cee Cee is working with The Heritage of London Trust which was set up by the GLC in 1980 to fill the gap in what public bodies could do for London’s lost, neglected or ruined buildings and monuments. He is collaborating with Director Dr. Nicola Stacey on a program called “Proud Places” getting young people interested in restoration process of historic pieces all over London, young people are at the heart of the projects and their goal is to have more peer led projects for young people by young people.

Cee Cee recently took part in the Noctis x Garment Streak slow fashion week, reworking his blue blazer of clothing into five looks. These looks were shared all week on our instagram to challenge the taboo of being seen in the same clothes more than once.

What positive role do you think public figures and influencers could have in the fight against fast fashion and climate change generally?

Perhaps, help to strip away that idiology that  once your seen wearing an item of clothing on social media you can’t be seen in it again, I use to think like that in my younger years so I had a lot of clothes that I only wore once, as I got older I became more conscious of fast fashion & I reformed. 

What has it felt like for you to be seen on Instagram wearing one item of clothing multiple times?

It’s a very interesting experience, as I normally don’t wear the same garment over a period of a week, but actually in fact it’s not so bad. Instagram does have a certain stigma that you always have to be seen in different pieces throughout your posting on your story or your main page, in a lot of ways that contributes to fast fashion with people buying from online retailers such as; Boohoo, ASOS, Pretty Little Thing and various  other retailers just to have a quick fix to an outfit then never wear them again, I’ve seen it and heard of it time after time. 

Besides performing in the Garment Streak, what else should we know about you or what you are doing? Any new work or projects coming up?

I have a variety of jobs coming up some I can’t speak of as yet. However, I can speak of an editorial hair shoot for British Hair Dressers Awards & promotional shoot for a jewellery brand, Aureliean, in the coming weeks, I love playing video games & I would shop all year round if I could! 

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