Channelling Creativity Through Fashion

Creativity can build confidence, provide ways to express emotions and ideas and encourage innovation. Fashion, for many, is an art form. The beauty of fashion is that it has no bounds. We can use fashion as a means to channel creativity. If you enjoy looking for clothes and flicking through magazines or social feeds or you long to be more adventurous when it comes to putting looks together, here are some steps to consider.

Image credit: Godisable Jacob

Steer clear of ‘the rules’

We’ve all come across style guides and commandments that gently encourage us to steer clear of certain fits or avoid clashing prints or putting different colours together. The truth is that fashion is subjective and what one person deems a cardinal fashion sin, another might love. It can be beneficial to take advice from stylists or designers on board and to follow guidelines if you’re worried about fit, tailoring or complementing your skin tone, for example, but try not to let rules restrict you. If you want to wear pink with red, go for it. 

Use your imagination to put your own spin on others’ ideas

We all buy clothes from designers and brands and we take inspiration from labels we love and people whose style we admire. The beauty of fashion lies in being able to put your own spin on ideas and trends to conjure up something that reflects your style and personality. You can use fashion icons, trends and popular designer collections like men’s Emporio Armani to create original ideas. How you style even the most basic items, such as a plain t-shirt and a pair of jeans, may be totally different to what another person comes up with and that’s why fashion is so fun and accessible for creative types. 

Customisation and personalisation

Every piece of clothing has the potential to transform into something else with a dose of creativity and the application of practical and design skills. One of the most effective ways to be creative when piecing outfits together and designing looks without updating your wardrobe on a daily basis is through customisation and personalisation. You can make bespoke pieces and unique looks by altering the appearance of basics, items you’ve fallen out of love with or clothes you’ve inherited from others or bought without thinking too much about fit. From adjusting the size and shape to adding embellishments, embroidery or patches, there’s scope to elevate every item you own if you wish to do so. 

Do your own thing

Fashion in 2021 is about so much more than ticking off trends and hoping that people think you look great when you post a photo or upload a story on your socials. It’s about having the freedom to do your own thing and using clothes and accessories to tell people more about you and give them an insight into what makes you tick. Putting clothes on should make you feel confident and comfortable in your individuality.  It’s not only about the clothing you choose to show off but also your jewellery. For example, one piece that you’ll wear all the time and can truly make a statement with is an engagement ring. Do your own thing and research possible designs and options you like such as the Reve Diamonds Halo Rings. It’s a chance to represent your love in a tangible and fashionable way and you’re sure to get plenty of comments and admiration from others. The central diamond looks more than stunning within a halo setting. It’s a popular choice among many and is sure to turn a lot of heads.

Image credit: Brenda Lelis

We often think about activities like painting, writing or taking photographs when we talk about being creative but fashion provides a platform for exercising creativity and encouraging individuality. Whether you love to shop or you’re more interested in flicking through photos and campaigns, you can use a passion for fashion to express yourself and celebrate your creative talents.

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