DHENZE ‘Unknown/Untold’ | Fashion Film

‘Unknown/Untold’ is the latest collection from Dhenze; a genderless brand that focuses on rebelling against social norms. Shaped through the designer’s upbringing in Communist controlled East Berlin, Dhenze draws on the underground for inspiration, with the counter-culture electronic music scene and the fetish clubs taking to the forefront of the brands identity. ‘Unknown/Untold’ puts a key focus on individualism, without limitations on how their clothes can be worn, you really can be whoever you want to be with Dhenze. This latest collection also comes with an exciting fashion film that encapsulates every side of the brand. 

Shot by Elizabeth Rose Donovan, assisted by Camille Thiery and styled by Martina Ghia, ‘Unknown/Untold’s’ fashion film sees imposed imagery incorporate models taking to the catwalk whilst transitioning into contemporary dancing. The brands identity is reinforced by the use of industrial music that merges perfectly with the imposed background imagery. It’s a concept that sees the full potential of the clothing on display, fluid within the movements and beautiful on either model, Dhenze’s latest collection takes tailoring in a new direction. The collection uses a limited colour palette but the use of a bold red block throughout pushes a sense of attitude and adds a motif that’s instantly recognisable. 

Speaking on the inspiration behind the collection, Dhenze Proclaims: “A world of untold stories, nightlife illusions, and elaborate futurism – where sporty elegance and colour pop liveliness was born out of it. Also, an exploration of the dichotomy between radical culture and radical social change hints throughout the collection with how the electronic music scene played a key foundation in the role of the avant-garde in political movements.”

You can take a look at Dhenze fashion-forward film for ‘Unknown/Untold’ below. 


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Words: Jake Wright

Direction and Photography: Elizabeth Rose Donovan assisted by Camille Thiery

Styling: Martina Ghia