Clarks Originals Celebrate its Connection with Jamaica in a new Short Film

Shot on location in November last year, the Clarks and Jamaica short film includes with appearances from fans such as the Raheem Sterling, Original Koffee, The No-Maddz and M1illionz – the film explores just what it means to wear Clarks on the island that has adopted the brand like nowhere else. 

The connection between Clarks and Jamaica goes back a long way. Ever since the original Desert Boot hit the streets of Kingston almost 60 years ago, the brand has become ingrained within everyday life on this very special island.

To celebrate this unique relationship, Clarks handpicked a local Jamaican production crew to create a short film featuring some of the biggest names in Jamaican culture including football superstar Raheem Sterling and Grammy award winning musician Original Koffee. 

Clarks shoes have occupied a special place in Jamaica’s collective wardrobe for over 60 years and people are still invariably asked to “carry down a Clarks” whenever they fly out to Kingston. Not only does the film showcase the leading names in Jamaican music today but also highlights the collective affinity the people of Jamaica have for the brand.

By the late 1960s and 1970s the Clarks Desert Boot had become so synonymous with the Jamaican music scene, that often songs would include mentions of Clarks and its iconic styles. The references in Jamaican music continues till this day with over 150 songs in existence that feature a nod to Clarks.

The film also features Island legend Protoje and two star artists signed to signed to his RCA imprint – Indigg Collective, Lila Ike and Sevana.

The short film was shot on location with an all Jamaican crew:

Director/DOP: Gabrielle Blackwood 
Campaign Photographer: Nickii Kane
Photographer/Cinematographer: Yannick Reid 
Stylist (Koffee): Troy Williamson
Hair & Make up: Melleisa Dawkins
Fixer: Yengkuku 
Production Manager: Lisa E Smith 
Sound: David Osbourne
Gaffer: Earl Brown
Lighting Technician: Troy Forrest