Dailirelis Perez Lopez | 5 Minutes With

Cuban born model Dailirelis Perez Lopez has a lust for life, which shines through in her vivacious personality and luscious golden curls. Currently living in Belgium, Dailirelis who is internationally represented, often travels the world for her work, fueling her avid sense of adventure with trips from Lisbon to New York. As well as being an adventurer living out the wanderlust dream, Dailirelis has a passion for fitness and health, something which she shares with her impressive social media community of 250K followers on Instagram and counting! Having modelled for some of the biggest names in fashion and beauty including Wella, L’Oréal, Chanel, and Puma to name a few, we’re excited to see what’s next in Dailirelis’ journey.

Stopping off in London, her favourite city, for a shoot with photographer Mike Gripz at Smith Town Studios, we were lucky enough to spend some time with Dailirelis. Read on as we find out what essential work-out equipment she couldn’t live without, go-to hype tracks, and staying motivated during a pandemic.

Left Suit: Donna Zhong. Right – H&M. Jewellery: Plaitly

This shoot took place in London and I know you’ve spent some time in the city. What do you love about London?

London is one of my favourite city’s in the world. I have spent a lot of time in London for the past 6 years, it’s where my whole modeling career started so I have great memories there! It’s one of the most beautiful city’s in the world to me.

Where is your favourite place to go when you’re here? 

I would say Brixton it’s one of my favourite places just because as a Caribbean it feels like home to me.

We often see you rocking glamorous outfits for work but what is your day to day style?

Haha I call it my vintage casual swag! I love my vintage clothes mixed with comfort! My day to day style in the winter would be a big scarf, hoodies and a vintage lader oversize jacket or a long coat and sweatpants or leggings with some sneakers or DR Martens.

In the summer I would go with a oversize T-shirt and my lader jacket and DR Martens ! Just simple, that’s Dailiz

Top: HAREM London. Trousers: Zara

What item of clothing couldn’t you love without? 

Hoodies! Lol

The world is a bit nuts right now and many people are struggling with their mental health. What is your best advice for staying positive in the face of adversity? 

I think is important to acknowledge that we aren’t going to be good all the time and that’s okay. I know for me that what I choose to feel every morning when I wake up and go to sleep makes a huge difference in how my day goes. I choose to be happy and feel grateful for the things I’ve got and not for the things I don’t. God is great all the time.

You’re Cuban and you currently live in Belgium, what do you miss most about Cuba?

Everything! Mostly my family over there. The land the nature and simple life where people don’t need much to feel happy.

You’ve travelled a lot with your work, if you could pick one country to go back to right now (taking us with you of course) just to eat the food where would we go?

Oh Jamaica or Cuba!! I love me some Jamaican food and it’s a beautiful country .

From your instagram I can see that you’re a fan of fitness and working out. Having to deal with gym closures during lockdown’s and quarantine’s has been a bit of a nightmare for many of us. How have you stayed motivated?

I never had this much time free in my life so I took that as the perfect time to focus on the things I never had enough time for before. Working out and having a more healthy diet! I work out at home just using bands and light weights when the gyms close. I still go outside for fresh air and breath. Being able to enjoy the little things is enough motivation for me.

Left – Suit: Oramai. Bag: Temple London. Jewellery: Plaitly. Right Left – Hoodie: Uniqlo. Trousers: Quiz. Jewellery: Plaitly

What piece of equipment and what one exercise could you not live without? 

My bands for sure. Take them everywhere I travel too. I could not live without any exercise, hahah but I love everything!

What is your number 1 hype track that you listen to to get your energy up before or during a workout?

I’m always on some ‘DaBaby track’ for my workout. I can’t choose just one.

What does the term ‘Self Love’ mean to you?

Choosing your peace above and beyond. Working out & drinking your water. Working on your goals and dreams that’s all self love to me.

How do you cultivate more love for yourself on a day to day basis? 

Choosing peace and protecting my energy at all cost.

What is your favourite track right now, who is it by and why do you love it so much? 

I love that pop track of Blinding lights Of the weekend (remix) with Rosalia. Rosalia is one of my favourite artists of all times She can make any song just sound even better.

Dress: Quiz

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Interview: Claira Hermet, BBC Presenter

Model: Dailirelis Perze Lopez

Photographer and Stylist: Mike Gripz

Creative Director: Louise Graham

MUA: Cassandra Lusi

Hair: Georgia Gable

Set Design: Kate Sutton

Location: Smith Town Studios