Club cultures blurred freedom finds expression in FANTASMA, the fifth collection from MCQ. This icon is inspired by ease of movement and the transcendent energy of gabber raves. Distortion of lights, movement, and energy are interpreted into woven graphic patchwork and reflective prints. Dance themes are undercut with references to joyride culture and amusement parks in suburbia, the focus of Gabber Eleganza, a key collaborator on this icon.

Adaptability is key. This is echoed in customisable garments, including a reversible tracksuit and vest, a jumpsuit that transforms into a jacket and jeans, and a skirt that zips to become shorts. Garments are acutely sensitive to there surroundings and the bodies that wear them, with glow-in-the-dark panelling and heat reactive coated nylon which fades from black to pink. The glow in the dark panelled sweatshirt is made from lightweight recycled polyester, speaking to the responsible approach at the core of the MCQ brand.

Designed for and inspired by uncontrollable dancing, graphics are based on photographs taken at the MCQ event in peckham Audio. The burst print is a recurring symbol throughout the collection. The movement of laser beans lights are translated through reflective prints, glow-in-the-dark, and screen prints. On a subtle note, the oversize carbon print speaks to the motorbike and joyride culture that is explored through this icon. In addition, the FANTASMA logo appears slightly warped and ghostly in a old blackletter type font.

Viktor Naumovski is a Macedonian photographer and director based between the north Macedonia capital of Skopje and London. His work circles around themes of Heritage, Family, Relationships, Culture identity, and the overlap between these things. ‘I think my biggest strength is in combining disjointed elements to tell a story.’ Viktor explains, ‘on the one hand my language is very childlike – it’s vibrant and humorous. But its also dark and aggressive, influenced by my homes culture identity.’

Although his work is narrative, it tends to eschew the conventions of the form. ‘The approach of stretching out and twisting the medium of storytelling is what gets me the most excited to create work in the first place.’ Already he has presented his work with Foam museum, Unseen Photo Fest, Rencontres D’Arles and worked on commissions for Louis Vuitton, JW Ansderson and Yung Lean.