Lu.Ci ‘Control’ | Video Premiere

All the time we’ve all spent away from everyone and everything allowed us to reflect. For London-based singer/songwriter, musician, and poet Lu.Ci, it was a freeing experience.

Today, as an alt-pop newcomer, Lu.Ci premiers a new single, ‘Control’, a poignant, empowering track embracing her freedom.

Lu.Ci shares her hope for ‘Control’, potentially encouraging others to be themselves: “All my music and lyrics come from a very real, first-hand experience. I had written Control during the first lockdown, and even though I was confined physically, emotionally, it was the first time I had felt completely free. I hope that those listening in similar situations will take a message of hope, empowerment, and positivity from my music and understand that there is a way out. You can be free to be yourself.”

As well as the song, Lu.Ci premiers the visuals for ‘Control’. The singer talks about the inspiration behind the music video: “This idea for the music video of control was to portray the change in someone as they go through the motions of losing that mental control that someone else had over them, becoming themselves again. To portray going from the dark to the light and to show the freedom that the character has now found, hence being in open spaces with nature with colour. I felt I needed to express the process of emotions from someone being released from their cage, the happiness of rediscovering themselves once again and being able to walk away and close the chapter on that situation”.

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Words: Karolina Kramplova