In Conversation With GIBIZARRE

Gibizarre is a fashion brand out of Dusseldorf that brings colour and fun into dressing up. We sit down with designer Laura Grote to discuss how she got her start in fashion and what inspires her. Then, we hit the streets of Vancouver to show off her traffic-stopping pieces. 


The name GIBIZARRE combines my nickname GI and the word BIZARRE which describes my general mindset creating fashion. 

How did you get your start in fashion?

When I was 14 years old I took part in a sewing course and made my first experiences in creating and manufacturing fashion by myself. Although even before that I had interest in styling and clothing. From that point on my passion for fashion was growing every day so I decided to take the next step. I changed my school with 16 and started taking classes for clothing technology assistance. After graduation with the technical diploma I had all the basics for the fashion business but I wanted to learn more in designing and this my main focus. This year I graduated as a fashion designer and presented my graduation collection at the Vancouver Fashion Week. 

What inspired your SS20 collection?

The collection “dichotomy“ is concurrently the epitome of asymmetry and a harmonious accordance between positive and negative. It is inspired by the two complementary sides hot and cold. It represents the contradiction of the climate change. I played with staggered centers, non-complementary and disparate colours and fabrics. The melting technique symbolizes the heat of the desert and represents as a contra-point the melting of the polar ice. The various curling techniques show the fractures of disunity. 

What is the Dusseldorf fashion scene like in comparison to the rest of the world?

I feel like the Düsseldorfer fashion scene is basically about looking rich, posh and wealthy. That does mean it is bad but a little lob sided for my personal taste. My motivation is making colourful innovative fashion and also delivering a message within it. 

How would you describe the GIBIZARRE client?

The woman I would describe to wear GIBIZARRE is confident, strong and want to show their extravagant side. She likes colorful and asymmetric it-pieces. 

In the process of making a collection, what is your favorite part?

My favorite part is the fabric manipulation where I make lots of experiments to find the best way for the pieces. Most of the time I try them directly by draping on the dummy. 

Where do you get your inspiration outside of fashion?

My biggest inspiration comes from light. I really love light and lightshows, it sparkles in endless ways and gives me always a good mood. 

If you could give emerging fashion designers advice, what would that be?

Try it. 

What would you be doing if you weren’t a fashion designer?

I would be a musical performer, dancing singing and acting all day. 

What do you see in the fashion forecast? Future trends?

I think and I hope that the future fashion trends will be getting more cooler and unusual. A bit more kitsch and fun by styling.

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Photographer: Hatnim Lee

Hair: Ken Kozuki

Makeup: Sandy Ting Tinga Na

Models: Charlotte, Chloe Hardmon, Elle Daines, Jaida, Courtenay Kraushar, Megan Grace Engstrom