Introducing The Aratana by MCQ

“A good design, regardless of the product, enriches life. It simplifies life. It can make you feel good.”

Myles O’Meally, founder of product creation company Areté and co-designer of The Aratana sneaker.

The Aratana is a new, seminal sneaker design by MCQ, bringing together functional modularity, ease of wear, and British youth culture —core values of the house.

The concept was born during the development for the cycle III breathe icon, which explored the influence of air on movement through technical references to parachuting and sailing, as well as meditation practices: a creative search for both lightness and strength.

Designed with icon collaborator Myles O’Meally and Areté senior designer Slimane Cherif Khaldi, The Aratana sneaker answers this quest for weightless volume through a multilayered construction in recycled leather and mesh underlays, paired with a double-cord lacing system.

Named after the Japanese word for “new”, The Aratana features a modular sole that is constructed to incorporate add-ons (to be launched in cycle V). These accessories will transform the design and extend its lifespan.

The midsole also incorporates 1-10% bloom material, which transforms harmful algae blooms into an alternative for plastic —the creators of the bloom material are determined to reverse the effects of water pollution.

The Aratana sneaker is stocked globally at retailers including Goat, Level Shoes, Luisa Via Roma, Julian Fashion, Antonioli, Lncc, Nubian, and Ssense.

Photography: Anton Reva
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